MegaMind Character Posters Online

Some chararcter posters for DreamWorks Megamind have hit the net and we have them for you right here

David Cross‘ Minio, Brad Pitt’s Metro Man, Tina Fey’s Roxanne and Will Ferrell’s MegaMind

The plot of the movie is terribly similar to Despicable Me (in that the badguy ends up becoming the good guy) but it looks decent enough that I will try to forgive it for that. Still think they should have stuck with the original title Oobermind.

Movie concepts come in two’s people!


3 thoughts on “MegaMind Character Posters Online

  1. wait isnt despicable me 2 bad guys fighting over who is badest? on this movie is the bad guy finally winning is like wile E coyote finally eating the roadrunner so there is no relationship beteween both movies

    1. I assume you havent seen Despicable Me yet.

      Hate to spoil it then, but while the two are duking it out trying to be “more bad” than the other, Gru turns out to have a heart, and does the right thing becoming somewhat of a hero.

      The Villain as the main character turning out to learn to do the right thing is a strong theme in both of these films.

      1. Rodney i did see it and i get your point Gru turns good this movie is the other side telling us what would happen if the bad guy wins if he turns good then there is a the thypical twist but the idea is to get rid of the good guy then bad realizes that he doesnt have a nemesis anymore

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