Kate Beckinsale returns for Underworld 4

The woman that would look appealing in a burlap sack and bedhead will once again be returning to the snug leathers and gothic allure of the Underworld franchise.

Live for Films shares:

Kate Beckinsale will be getting back in the tight leather costume of Selene, the Death Dealer for the fourth Underworld movie.
John Hlavin wrote the script but J. Michael Straczynski (Changeling, World War Z, Babylon 5) has given it a polish.

Word has it that they are still hunting for a director, and a young woman to play Selene’s daughter.

With Beckinsale absent from the third film, it feels like they are making up for something, but honestly I don’t care as long as we get to see her in that leather corset again.

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6 thoughts on “Kate Beckinsale returns for Underworld 4

  1. Times must be tough for Kate, with that said I won’t complain because she is smoking hot. Hottest in click in that Native American costume.

  2. I actually preferred Rhona Mitra to Beckinsale. For continuity sake and all Kate must return for the next installment. There were a lot of fanboys who were really pissed at Kate turning down the last film.

    I am sure the fanboys are rejoicing at this very moment. As for me, I would like to see a little more Rhona Mitra.

      1. Well from what I understood at the time, Kate turned down the third film and it was retooled into a prequel. Dont know if its fact/fiction just what I had read at the time. I know where I had read some quotes from Kate at that time where she said she would like to move on from the character as well, once again I cannot tell you if its fact or fiction because quotes are often twisted.

        That is all I meant about the fanboy comments and Kate turning down third film.

  3. the first one was cool, the second not so much. I liked the third one with Rhona Mitra who is a hottie in her own right. Looking forward to having Kate Beckinsale back too..

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