First Look at Chris Evans as Captain America

We finally get our first look at Chris Evans’ Captain America costume (its actually his stuntman) we so far have only seen concept images of, and so far I have to say I just LOVE the look of this film.

Check out the on set images including some almost steampunk looking Nazi gear too.

Love that he isn’t in a spandex outfit, and that the costume looks like a decorated version of the traditional uniform. I wonder what the costume will look like when its updated after he is revived in modern day to lead The Avengers?


30 thoughts on “First Look at Chris Evans as Captain America

  1. Y the hell r they gonna confuse kids by using the same actor that plays the human torch he must be cheap cuz he sure dont fit the role I mean was matt damon busy jeez next time let me do the casing not someone u pick up from the fantastic four convention dressed up as a tourrch

  2. Did anyone else catche that the car in the photo has 6 wheels? And as far as the bikes remember that this is WWII Nazi Germany, and Hitler had all kinds of “before their time” inventions in the works! As for Cap…he looks perfect for the time period!

  3. So am I to understand this is like a comedy, like Austin Powers? Campy, silly, wacky? It must be. Those motorcycle nazis look like they came from LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Is there going to be humorous british sidekick? Perhaps an effeminate moustache wearing villain who collects vases? No, this is definitely not going to be a serious movie, it CAN’T BE!

    1. I see nothing here that suggests campy or silly or even your aforementioned wacky.

      Yes, the motorcycles look like they are from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen… THE COMIC BOOK. Which is an amazing book, despite the terrible film made that has little to do with the book at all.

    1. I think they nailed the WW2 costume fine!, Evans’ will be more detailed or movie ready (if that makes sense) and then we’ll probally get the Avengers/Modern-day Cap suit at the end-I’m cool w/that. Just dont add all kinds of black to the suit like on certain Marvel Select figures!I want the standard Red White and Blue one (w/a touch of modern) that’s been around forever.

      that’s what I wanna see

  4. The car DOES look cool! Very Steampunk! The motorcycles in the last picture, however, look stupid. They look like something out of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  5. Hopefully in the finished version we won’t be able to tell this is the older, heavier version of evans (weird that they didn’t get someone whose physique resembled his more, the differences are very blatant). Aside from that, it’s looking pretty epic.

  6. One more observation, Didnt he have a badge like shield in the WW2 days?

    Dont know of coarse, were they are in the story at this point of the photos..

    just sayin’

  7. Rodney, Francisco must have forgot to send you the memo about incorporating the first look as a cleavage shot in the headline.

  8. So far so good, Stuntman Mike looks pretty cool, the real deal should deliver fine.

    BUT that Director………………..

    Just sayin’

  9. The futuristic bikes with the guys on them
    pic is the hydra organization. The uniforms their wearing have the
    countence red skull on them and on the other side the hydra logo(on the sleeves of the uniform).

  10. C’mon people, before the pitch forks lets keep in mind that this is a stunt man suit. Meaning that we will only see a blur of this when it hits the big screen. Evans suit will look better than this. Remember stunt people are supposed to have loose prototypes of actual costumes so that they can do their job and not get killed in the process. Technically we’re not supposed to see this.

  11. If you look closely at the guy in the suit I’m guessing this is Chris Evan’s STUNT DOUBLE. The guy looks maybe 10 years older and 25 or 30 pounds heavier. Look at the sagging chin and the big chubby cheeks in the pic when he’s standing there smiling. Great to see the SUIT in action though and the other vehicle props moving in action.

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