FanExpo – Back To The Future DeLorean Replica

The FanExpo is a magical place that no matter who you are or what you like there was something there to turn you into a giggling school girl. For me there were a few things that did the trick and one of them was a replica of the DeLorean DMC-12 from the Back To The Future films. It came to a shock when I had left the building to gather food from Burbon Street Grill to return to my starving TMB team, when SHABLAM! I see the DeLorean and the words “No [email protected]#$ing Way!” slid out of my mouth. The license read “OUTATIME” but it might as well of read “GEEKOUT” because that’s surely what I did. I took some photos for anyone who did not get a chance to see it, so you can also soil your pants in amazement.

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4 thoughts on “FanExpo – Back To The Future DeLorean Replica

  1. Awesome pics of an iconic car!

    Thanks a lot for these!

    Loved the breakthrough first film.
    Not so much the 2nd & 3rd parts.

    Looking forward to the self-lacing shoes!!!

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