Fan Expo 2010 Report – TMB Uncut Podcast

This is the final FanExpo report I have to offer and I decided to do it as a podcast to share my experiences.

In this episode you will hear me sharing about the people we met, fun things we saw as well as a mini rant about inconsiderate celebrities and which ones were really nice to us. I get a bit heated.

We also address the mess that was the overcrowding of Fan Expo and the people who were locked out. While I agree the situation sucked, I dont put the hate on the organizers and I explain why next year will be different.

Lastly, we talk about a new feature coming up here at The Movie Blog. The Movie Blog Community

Or if you prefer the Audio Edition Uncut, you can stream this episode by Clicking Here or right click that link and “.. Save target as” to download it to your favourite music player.

Some of the links I share in the podcast:
Least I Could Do
Looking for Group
Plastik Wrap

And of course a special thanks to the good people at Propworx who supplied us with some Stargate memorabilia straight from the set to show off and share with the Fan Expo patrons.

Check out some of the pictures of the booth and our contribution to this year’s Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto Ontario Canada!

The Booth

The Expo Floor. If you look behind the giant Alien Booth by Fox you will see ours

There we are!

Booth babes are a must. Meet Mindy.

TMB Writer Dan took his try at carrying the Captain America Shield. He says its pretty heavy.

So goodbye Fan Expo 2010. See you next year!

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