Bryan Fuller writing Live Action Pinocchio

Bryan Fuller is likely my favourite TV writer. Despite my unnatural loyalty to Joss Whedon, I think that Fuller has better pushed the limits of TV that was never quite ready for it.

Now it looks like Fuller has his strings pulled by the Brothers Warner as he puts pen to paper to bring to life a live action Pinocchio – the tale of a puppet who wished he was a real boy.

Firstshowing reports:

After creating interesting TV series like “Pushing Daisies,” “Dead Like Me” and “Wonderfalls,” it looks like writer Bryan Fuller is making the leap to the big screen. The Wrap reports Fuller will script a live-action adaptation of Pinocchio for Warner Bros.

Sadly everything that Fuller gets his hands on is truly inspired but not all that well recieved. Pushing Daisies was awesome, Wonderfalls was amazing, and Dead Like Me was incredible. Fuller was responsible for writing Claire’s storyline on Heroes in the first season, and he did a great job with that too. Strangely after Fuller left the show it was never the same. Coincidence? They tried to bring him onto the sinking ship a little too late and Heroes was cancelled.

But I always said that Fuller’s place was with feature films. TV is too finicky, and despite the quality of his freshe and fun tv shows (that always seemed to skirt the supernatural) he would be better suited for the big screen putting his inspired ideas to screen and let the studios decide what budget they would risk on him.

Now it looks like we are getting our chance to see if he is better fitted for the big screen.

I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Bryan Fuller writing Live Action Pinocchio

  1. I thought that there already was a couple, like the one with that kid from Home Improvement and that other one where he’s a killer doll

  2. They’ve already done live-action Pinocchio and it was really good so I’m not looking forward to this one. I see a trend in Hollywood and I think this next wave of big budget, big box office movies will be Fairy Tales.

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