Why Van Damme & Seagal Wouldn’t Do The Expendables

For now, in just 4 days of release, The Expendables has grossed almost $40 million in domestic box office. The Expendables 2 is already being planned to be done. The film featured a collection of past and present action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Although it was an impressive cast to gather, some action stars didn’t appear, specifically fan-favorites Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal.

Why didn’t the film include this big old-school actions stars? Weren’t they invited to join? Was there no room for them? What happened?

Cinematical reports:

According to another British “report” — quotations used because these things only seem accurate maybe half the time — Sly says the two ’80s action stars weren’t involved because the lacked the right sense of humor.

WENN shares a report from Britain’s Sunday Times, where Stallone says: “I wanted to set Jean-Claude against Jet Li, but he didn’t want to lose to Jet. He didn’t think that was cool. But that’s why it would be cool; to have Jean-Claude beaten by the other man. Hey, they could have a rematch. But Steven Seagal and Van Damme, they weren’t really into our gallows humor.”

I loved the film. Still I felt, like many of you, that JCVD and Seagal should’ve been in this one. If Stallone did in fact invite them to join (I believe he did), then by refusing it, they kept themselves from participating in a number #1 film. Wouldn’t both of these aging stars need/want the #1 movie in the US right about now? I hope they jump back for The Expendables 2, regardless of who wins, loses, lives or dies in the film’s plot.

Do you think they made the right choice by refusing? Should they try to be in The Expendables 2? Do you believe they refused for this reason? Do you believe Stallone did invited them?

36 thoughts on “Why Van Damme & Seagal Wouldn’t Do The Expendables

  1. First off JCVD would kick jet lis little ass in real life. So why would jcvd loose to him in a movie. Most of jcvds straight to DVD movies are better than the expendables. Universal soldier 3 was a good movie. Who wants to see Steven seagal in a movie he’s a fat pig (cop). Its all about the muscles from Brussels he would squash seagal like a bug. Jcvd is still balling watch his TV show behind closed doors. He don’t need expendables. Expendables needed him. I didn’t go to the theater see that garbage movie. Jcvd is a king in Belgium.

  2. Some of the comments mentioned having a sequel with villains in it, if they did a Star Wars methodology (Star Wars = Goodies win/Empire Strikes Back = Baddies win/Return of the Jedi = 50/50 with goodies ultimately winning) they could have it where the villains set back the Expendables. And not just any villains:

    John Malkovich (makes the perfect villain thinker)
    Jeremy Irons (makes the perfect villain nutjob)
    Tommy Lee Jones (could be a hero or badguy, knifefight scene in Under Siege classic, he got old pretty quick, maybe a dictator or something)
    Gary Oldman (would make a good dirty senator)
    Edward Norton (makes the perfect self serving henchman captain if you will)
    Mr T (you gotta have Mr T, he’s a bit past his prime for muscular action, but there has to be some way to fit him in)
    Mike Tyson (honestly, he’s a worse villain in real life, how can you not have him biting ears off our heroes)
    Jason Patrick (I liked his attitude in The Losers, but I think he can play a no nonsense villain, like a shadowy sniper type)
    Chow Yun Fat (The Corruptor was brilliant)

    After compiling that list, it occurs to me that most really good bad guys tend to be cerebral as opposed to heroes who are muscular in their actions.

  3. I think they should get Donnie Yen (ip Man) guys speaks perfect English and did fight choreography for blade 2 and is a hot name in HK at the moment.

    other choices Tony jaa (stopped making movies now and has become a monk to get out of his contract due to thai mafia)

    Michael Jai White would be very good choice (Blood and Bones) i think the should of chosen him for Blade series.

    I also think Vin Diesel / Dwayne Johnson would be a good choice as they are quite popular

    but at the end of the day its all about who is more recognised/famous and will bring in more money.

  4. Haven’t seen The Expendables yet but I wouldn’t have wanted to see Segal or JCVD in it anyway, never been a big fan of either of them, especially Segal.

    The Only good film I saw Segal in was Executive Decision and the best part was his character dies in the film!

    Haa haa.

  5. Like everyone says – it’s their loss. JCVD’s head got big after his movie “JCVD”. His comment was that his role was just too much action in it. What the hell did he think? This movie was written by Shakespeare? Segal on the other hand also has a big ego. So what happens? JCVD went to do Universal Soldier which bombed and Segal did another straight to video movie. They could’ve at least been in the big screen on a movie that people actually would pay to see.

  6. Ego is a mother fucker and we all know from watching youtube clips and etc that JCVD has an ego…as for Seagal he is working with Silva in the UFC.

  7. lol, the next movie can be a evil alstar team vs the one right now, and just have match ups. lol, it be so awesome.

    arnold should get in shape and somehow, have a utlimate boss battle with stalone!!!

  8. I say if they didn’t want to be in the film for whatever reason its their loss. I think in Expendables 2 they should put in some B-List action stars like Billy Blanks or Don “The Dragon” Wilson, or get Wesly Snipes in their too I think he could be a great addition.

  9. WTB chuck, and make a fight sceen with all of the stars trying to take him down and get owned so the have find a way to get chucks DNA and inject them selves with it so they can beat him

  10. This might have been a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. Maybe JCvD and Segal were the two straws that would have broken the camels back. If I were Sly I would have nixed the current guys (like Couture and Austin) and kept it old school and then planned for bringing in current talent in the sequel.

    Even though I haven’t seen this one yet I still say that if Sly really wants to do a second movie out of this he needs to include badass women. In fact I think its kinda mean that this was played up as a tribute to old school action films but the likes of Yoeh and Rothrock were not invited (unless there is evidence that he did invite women that I don’t know about?).

  11. I say if they refused the first time, don’t invite them back for the next go. Screw em! The movie was great without them. Having them now would feel like those washed up players that sign with a championship team for a chance to get a ring before they retire.

  12. Ya I really missed these two in Expendables. I hope they come to there senses and come in for the sequel.

    @Bumbledoor I think we need Chuck Norris in the sequel. Although I don’t know if anyone can lose to Chuck Norris.

  13. I thought it was going to be cause Segal and Van Damme don’t get along in real life. Anyways, I’m thinking Segal will have Machete be have his name back amoung mainstream moviegoers and Van Damme…., I’m not too sure, is he still making straight to video movies?

  14. It’s part bullshit.

    Seagal said no because his feud with co-producer Avi Lerner.

    Van Damme said no because he thought the character had no substance. In his place was his Universal Soldier co-star Lundgren…who doesn’t have an ego.

    1. Very true, JCVD even released an interview stating he declined over the phone due to his role would not have any true “character”.

      …of course that didnt see to stop him for making Universal Soldier 3.

    2. I agree 100% yes JCVD did release that statement, I even saw some youtube footage (press conference style) where he said the same thing, he pretty much says his character had no substance etc….
      But I’d love to tell JCVD, in all honesty, the latest Universal Soldier Movie, was by far The WORST movie I’ve ever seen him in…and to even ad insult to injury, his Character in the latest Universal movie was not the same from the previous 2 installments.
      They better start campaigning, hit up Sly celly ask to for any role in the next one….

  15. agreed with bumbledoor, that fight between chuck and lee is norris’ arguably most famous fight to date. but then again, chuck is a humble guy.

    coming out of the movie theater me and my wife were already saying that JCVD and segal are kicking themselves for not being in this movie. This was a “fans’ movie”, and the fact that they had too much of an ego to not be in it, says alot about them. Maybe they will be in the next one and be the only two characters to die.

  16. If all of that is factual, then they robbed themselves of being part of a successful movie for stupid reasons. Also, they should have thought about what this movie means to fans and just let us see the legends duke it out.

    Being the loser never stopped Chuck Norris from fighting Bruce Lee.

  17. Dude they played the dolph and li fight perfect each got a moment. Segal and JCVD missed out but if they come back for 2 they have to be bad guys and dolph needs revenge for universal soldier

  18. As long as their entire roles weren’t just being bashed and belittled, I think they really missed out and should have reconsidered. Losing to someone in a film battle scene isn’t like taking a dive in a boxing match; it’s not like it’s dishonorable.

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