Tony Scott to Direct Millar’s Nemesis

Mark Millar doesn’t make bad comics. But this is one I haven’t read of his that is gettinga big screen adaptation. And with the latest wave of movies told from the villain’s side, Nemesis is getting a green light with Tony Scott at the director’s chair.

Dark Horizons reports:

Tony Scott is attached to direct the film adaptation of the graphic novel “Nemesis” for 20th Century Fox and Scott Free.

The comic follows a billionaire who moonlights as a super villain who picks one cop per year to torment and taunt before finally killing him.

I haven’t read the book, but I would suspect that a film version would be more of a “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” type of twisted well meaning villain story.

I couldn’t see myself amused by a movie where a cop is tormented a full year just to get bumped off for the next guy to be harassed. There has to be a message or purpose to this villain, who might spare those who endure his tormenting in a sick method of making the police force stronger.

He looks like Batman, but all dressed in white and no ears on the cowl.

Should be interesting to see.

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12 thoughts on “Tony Scott to Direct Millar’s Nemesis

  1. WANTED was supposed to be about a villain as well but they took the easy way out to sell tickets.

    Nemesis is a pretty good comic. It boils down to the main character wanting to get revenge on the cop that ruined his family…who hunted people for sport. So it isn’t just some random rich guy killing cops off for kicks. There is a purpose to his madness…as f’d up as it is.

    I will wait for a trailer before I get “excited” about how Hollywood twists this one up for the general public.

  2. I haven’t read this comic either. Seems interesting, can’t help but wonder who will star.

    Can’t say much for Tony Scott directing though. Most of his films to me just come off as a bunch of shacky cams and break neck pacing, most of the time for no reason at all.

      1. I havent seen the two cartoon but dont they save the day in the end?

        The other two movies, they are still facing off against something worse than they are. The main two stars of predtors, were just soldiers, they werent good or bad.

        I want to see a movie where the bad guy isnt doing anything good, and isnt just trying to survive something worse.

    1. Despicable Me and Megamind both “star” the villains. And other films are embracing the negative actions side of the story like “I Spit on Your Grave” Even the latest Predators had the victims we are to empathize with as selected criminals and murderers.

      All very recent.

      1. I thought I heard rumors of a Magneto movie awhile back. I hope I’m not wrong, b/c I’d really like to see a Magneto movie, and one done right (i.e., more along the lines of Iron Man than Fantastic Four).

      2. DAMN, really?

        Well that just sucks. Sucks we’ll only “elements of that script” in First Class and that they just can’t figure out how to do a Magneto movie.

        Pretty damn sad and pathetic if you ask me. Not that X-Men: The Last Stand and the Wolverine movie gave me much hope for it anyway.

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