Joss Whedon talks Captain America Script

Joss Whedon wasn’t just given The Avengers to run, he was also brought on to consult with the Captain America script. This gave some people room to speculate that there was something wrong with the Cap script and Whedon was brought on to “fix” it.

Well it seems that wasn’t at all the case. explains:

Joss Whedon discussed his involvement as a script doctor on this upcoming Marvel film. He praised the tight structure of the screenplay, and said he primarily worked to make clearer connections between characters. As he explains:

There were a couple of opportunities to find his voice a little bit – and some of the other characters – and make the connections so that you understood exactly why he wanted to be who he wanted to be.

I really like how Joss Whedon wasn’t just handed The Avengers and was told to just deal with whatever happened before. He really liked the script for Captain America: The First Avenger, and he just tweaked it with Cap in mind but also, so the transition to his Avengers would work better.

I think with a an ensemble film based entirely on characters we will all have already met, it is important to have collaboration between the writers so they are all on the same page.
Whedon instills worlds of trust for me.

7 thoughts on “Joss Whedon talks Captain America Script

  1. why would the human torch play captain america thats wrong. So what happens if they make another fantastic four movie or eles do a collabo

    1. They already said that they are Rebooting the Fantastic Four. The cast you are familiar with will never play those roles again.

      And his name is Chris Evans. The Human Torch is not playing Captain America. Actors play different roles all the time, there is no reason Evans can’t play Cap.

  2. If they hadn’t gone with the Ultimate Nick Fury, Nathan Fillion could have played a young and older classic Nicky Fury. He would have been perfect!

    1. It was not written by Whedon. He simply took a look at the script and made a few tweaks so that it would line up well with The Avengers… which he wrote.

      He consulted with the script. He didn’t write it.

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