Batman 3 Might Shoot In New Orleans

Batman 3 is headed to The Big Easy. Director Christopher Nolan and crew, might be heading down to New Orleans for principle photography on The Dark Knight sequel. For the first two movies, Nolan has used his hometown of Chicago.

CinemaBlend reports:

Comic Book Movie reports that a deal is in the works that will see nearly half of principle photography for the film taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. In recent years, the state has offered incredible tax incentives for films to shoot in the city, and with Warner Bros. recently wrapping up production of Green Lantern down in the bayou, it seems as though the company is interested in staying on the state government’s good side.

I have no worries with this news. They can shoot half of the movie on the moon, and I would be at ease with Nolan’s final product. Nolan is that good; for now, he has not disappointed me. It makes sense for a movie to shoot down, with all the tax incentives NO is giving. This is great news for them. Hope we hear more about the film’s plot or cast.

What do you think? NO can pass as Gotham? Should Nolan only stick to Chicago for the third one also?

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17 thoughts on “Batman 3 Might Shoot In New Orleans

  1. Unless, of course, Killer Croc is making an appearance, and New Orleans plays a similar role in the 3rd film to the one Hong Kong played in the second.

  2. As a director myself, I think the move is idiotic. Chicago is Gotham. New Orleans simply has the wrong character. If Nolan makes the switch, then I won’t bother with the third film. Setting is that important to the Dark Knight.

    1. As a “director” you have never heard of a movie being filmed in one city and they say its another?

      Toronto Canada has been dozens of US cities in films. It happens.

      No one said the setting was going to leave Gotham. Just that they are filming in New Orleans.

    1. Jason Statham??? You are forgetting one very important part of the dark knight series, Nolan gets good actors for the roles. Jason is not a good actor, he is a guy who can play a Tough guy and that’s it, he has no more levels. Besides, Death Stroke is a Teen Titan Villain, he might have had cameos on batman comics but he was never a Batman villain, in the comic book series he becomes like Punisher where he is the Anti Hero not the villain. If you want to go the rout of giving the Batman a run for his money, bring Deadshot who is the equivalent of Bruce Wayne except for the justice thing.

    1. I seriously doubt that. Nolan continues to insist that Batman is in his own universe, and won’t feature any other hero. They’ve even green-lit ‘Justice League’ with the idea of excluding Batman and Superman from the team (not making that up).

  3. I just hope they use Chicago for the skyline shots–at least keep that consistant. New Orleans has some great alleys and seedy areas that would look awesome on film, so if he did SOME locations there, I’m cool with it.
    I just don’t want it to have a visual disconnect like the one that took place between Batman Returns & Batman Forever.

  4. as someone who volunteers in louisiana after katrina hit, i love that movies are filming and bringing business to that state, they need it. with that said, i think its interesting to think bat 3 would maybe do majority shooting in the bayou of course hinting at a killer croc angle. i cant wait.

    1. They showed Killer Croc in the Gotham Knight prequel anime cartoon for TDK, it was done realistic as he was portrayed more like an elephant man kind of freak of nature who was somewhat mentally challenged, I don’t know how much Nolan was involved in that animated film but I think he wouldn’t do that on the third batman.

  5. Hard to say. I think it can work. I’m more interested in just seeing what the story is and who’s going to be involved. I can’t wait for this Batman film to enter theatres.

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