Zack Snyder talks Xerxes

Zack Snyder has confirmed that there will in fact be a 300 prequel called Xerxes that he tenatively will direct.

Get the Big Picture says:

So now we’re here with a story about the Battle of Marathon. “The lead character is Themistocles,” said Miller upon completion of the graphic novel…The story is very different than 300 in that it involves Xerxes’ search for godhood. The existence of gods are presupposed in this story and the idea is that he’s well on his way to godhood by the end of the story.”
Snyder adds more to the backdrop:
“Themistocles is kind of the father of democracy. It’s much more about these guys choosing. The Spartans are, ‘We fight, we die,’ so that’s an easy choice for them, there’s no surrender. The cool thing about Themistocles and his gang is that it’s way more difficult. Things aren’t as clear or unchallenged. He has to be more political to get everyone to agree. It’s political, in the soap-opera sense of the word. There’s a relationship with Leonidas…and…well, we’ll see where it all goes.”

Awesome! This story will be less “THIS IS SPARTA” with a boot to the sternum, and more “I table the notion that the following may be identified as Sparta…. all in favour?”

Why does this not drive me into a mad frenzy of geeky devotion?

There was very little politics in 300, and we liked it that way. Now they are giving us a peek at the father of democracy and a man aspiring to be a god.

I say stick with the man aspiring to be a god angle and go with that. I hear he adds to his army of every nation he defeats, so there at least implies we might see some overly stylized combat scenes!

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18 thoughts on “Zack Snyder talks Xerxes

  1. I did love the actor whom played Xerxes in Love Actually and believe I would be equally delighted in a prequel. I think he did a superb job as the “eccentric” Xerxes and, for one, did not ever think or discuss Xerxes’ sexuality. It makes me laugh to think it crossed anyone’s mind. I figured (as most monarchs) he took what he wanted, from whomever. Excited about this movie’s possibilities. :)

  2. Fantastic news ideed. So glad Miller has finished the story and that now we can get a good idea of what the movie will be.

    And what’s funny is my girl and I were just watching a 3 part PBS special the other night called, Greeks: The Crucible of Civilization, about the forming of the Roman empire and the story they’re using for “Xerxes” was in the middle of that special. Which is a really awesome special by the way, if your at all into Roman history, it’s a must see. But I remember thinking how awesome it would be to see the events in the story and the awesome huge battle that takes place, would be if were made into a film. Lo and behold, it is going to be made into one and 300 story at that, from the brillant and highly creative minds of Frank Miller and Zack Snyder.

    Can’t freakin’ wait!

  3. May I step in here?

    Did the gorgeous man, gay or straight, who cares, who played Zerxes in “300” die at the end?
    If not, do you think he will play Zerxes in”ZERXES”?


  4. The idea presented (and I mean the main tpoic at hand, not this silly side interpetation that is debated above) does not exactly thrill me. If the powers that be wanted a prequel, I’d much rather have hoped for the naval battle at Artemisium…

  5. this movie has a lot of potential is the “fantasy” section. where xerxes rises to power along gaining the society’s rust and maybe later fear. also how women saw him as a growing man into a god.

  6. I don’t agree with OC that this movie will portray gay men in a negative light, nor the entire 300 film for that matter.

    That being said, there WAS a lot of speculation, with basically anyone I talked to and it got brought up, that Xerxes was being pretty gay. But like with what Rodney said, this crude assumption in no way should characterize any or all the characters in 300 and Xerxes.

    Just sayin’

  7. Oh, great! As if the 300 didn’t do enough to make some people hate gay men more… Now we can have a whole movie centered around Xerxes, the overtly gay stereo type telling ‘men’ to get on their knees in front of him. I’m sure the males in the backwoods of Mississippi and the like will really dig this movie’s realism.

    1. Anyone who was inspired to hate gay men because of 300 was already an ignorant homophobe.

      This film is not a threat to gay men.

      You are fabricating situations where there are not any.

      Id be more worried about what that comment might make people think about you.

      1. Im with you Rodney, this have nothing to do with “Gay” things, we are in 2010 not 1960, let´s move on please.

        So, if i watch Alexander, Brokeback Mountain, I Love you Phillip Morris, The Crying Game and The Twilight saga i may hate Gay people? lol, thats the most stupid thing ive heard since SB1070 !, but don´t worry Ron, no matter what people say… i would not hate you… for your comments… or your hat.


      2. Your assumption that this negatively will impact gays is just as ignorant as assuming “the males in the backwoods of Mississippi and the like” will make the same assumptions.

        Its hypocritical to make such sweeping statements condemning how this will affect the gay community (it wont) while ignorantly making generalizations about other social groups as well.

    2. “In a hundred years of movies, homosexuality has only rarely been depicted on the screen. When it did appear, it was there as something to laugh at — or something to pity — or even something to fear. These were fleeting images, but they were unforgettable, and they left a lasting legacy. Hollywood, that great maker of myths, taught straight people what to think about gay people… and gay people what to think about themselves.”

      The Celluloid Closet by Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman

      1. Again, making issues where there wasn’t any.

        That still doesn’t mean that 300 was gay because it featured bare chested warriors, or that Xerxes was adorned with jewels and demanded subjugation by kneeling.

        So is King Arthur gay? He had all his knights kneel to receive the honour of knighthood. How about Zod? All will kneel before Zod.

        Why is kneeling suddenly equated to oral sex and nothing else?

        That quote refers to a very old way of thinking. Modern cinema not only exposes those stereotypes, but it welcomes gay characters into mainstream film.

        300 nor the character of Xerxes endorses or portrays gays negatively.

    3. I’m not saying that kneeling is overtly gay be it King Arthur or any monarch, but the character Xerxes in 300 is not portrayed as a straight man/god. And if you go back and watch it again, you’ll see that he’s overtly gay. Now add that to the scene where he tells Leonidas to kneel, and anyone with the ability to see things objectively will notice the subliminal message implied.

      While I’m not sure I understand why you wouldn’t let my link for the video through your “moderation”, it clearly shows what I’m referring to.

      I have no problem with a gay villain. Villains come in all shapes and sizes. I do have a problem when Hollywood doesn’t temper it with a hero that is also of the pink persuasion. I bet we won’t see Northstar in any Xmen movie.

      1. Anyone who goes out of their way to see that will see that.

        Its not an issue of being objective. Xerxes is demanding subjugation. Not a blowjob.

        You are making this an issue that doesnt exist. 300 does not offend gays nor does it poorly illustrate gays.

        And if they dont include Northstar in X-Men, it will be because of lack of popularity – not because he was gay.

        Northstar was only recently part of the X-Men. The grand majority of Northstar’s history was with Alpha Flight.

      2. I’m totally with you on this one Rodney. I have not flippin’ clue where ANYONE get’s the idea Xerxes was intended to be a gay character, nor how he was ment to make fun of gays either.

        To me, I thought Xerxes was just an awesome, ruthless, evil, crazy, badass. Even awesome Sith Lordish. And I love his voice.

        The thought of him being “gay” never crossed my mind before. I mean sure his look was odd, but I thought it fit well with his people’s colture and how a ruthless and extremely powerful king of there’s might look like, on a fantasy movie level. Plus, the look he had was taken from the original design Frank Miller gave him in the comic book. So it’s not like Hollywood sat there and said, “let’s design this character this way to piss off the gay comunitty”. And I don’t think Frank Miller did either.

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