Transformers 3 Set Videos

We found some video revolving around the big mess Michael Bay is making of Chicago while filming Transformers 3.

Starting with a video entry from the Bay of Awesome’s website itself:

Chicago Business Today talks about how the disruption affected their businesses.

And some fan reports:

People sure like to bash his films, but dammit if they were not so enjoyable I would probably join them.

Really looking forward to Transformers 3.

4 thoughts on “Transformers 3 Set Videos

  1. It’s great to hear that Chicago is benifiting very well from this movie, as well as films like Public Enemies and The Dark Knight. Now, if only they could have chosen to film in Seattle, in my home state of Washington instead. Seattle could use a huge Michael Bay production for financial aid.

  2. I personally love the TF movies. They’re far from perfect but they’re great mindless fun with a GREAT musical score.

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