Taylor Lautner for Wolverine?

It seems that Bryan Singer was bringing his own casting suggestions to the rapidly expanding roster of X-Men First Class. And he suggests that Taylor Lautner could play a young Wolverine for a cameo. And when you are done laughing at the idea, its a sobering thought to find out this wasn’t a gag.

JoBlo offers:

“I wanted Taylor to do it, I really did…We talked about it a lot, he is a friend, and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn’t look like it’s possible to do it.”

What I don’t get is that they wanted to get ANYONE to make a Wolverine cameo anyways?

First off, we don’t need a Wolverine cameo. He dominated the first 3 films, then he got his OWN film. There hasn’t been an X-Men related film without him yet.

I woudln’t mind a scene suggesting Wolverine was around, but they need to keep him out of this movie entirely. Its a prequel about how the school was formed setting the stage for Wolverine’s first appearance years later. Why have him in this movie at all.

Secondly. Why get Taylor Lautner to do it? I don’t have this massive hate on like some other people seem to for the guy. I think he is fine in the roles I have seen him in so far, but casting him as a “Young Wolverine” would just be stunt casting and completely pointless.

And if they are going to do it, why not get Hugh Jackman to do it? Why change the actor when you have already have him still playing the part in another film? A younger Wolverine would still look like Jackman – the only time he didn’t look like Jackman was in the late 1800s.

Singer, I can only defend you so far man. Don’t do this to me.

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27 thoughts on “Taylor Lautner for Wolverine?

  1. OMG NOOO!!!!!!!!!

    I want to get my hands on the crack those people were smoking when they came up with that decision… AND I DON’T EVEN SMOKE!!!

  2. …but how young would he have to be? Because if he was 16 or 17 he would already be taller than Lautner is real life. I don’t see it work out although the resemblance is there.

    1. Wolverine is supposed to be just over 5 ft in the comics. They already ignored that with Jackman who is taller than Lautner’s 5’10 by a good 4 inches.

      I think the bigger issue is that they don’t need to do it. Not how to make it work if they did. lol

      1. Rodney you’re preaching the choir in regards to Wolverine’s height lol. I’m rather glad they ignored that though in regards to the movie because they are not too many actors who are just above 5ft and can act…Tom Cruise doesn’t count. I agree with you though that they don’t need to do this. I would be just as happy if they referenced Logan/gave him a cameo or if they didn’t. But if they go that way Taylor can’t be him.

        You know what you should buy if you don’t already have it? The updated limited edition Marvel Encyclopedia. Only 800 were manufactured and I have number 200. It’s AWESOME.

      1. Could be a younger Colossus. And if the role demanded it, Lautner has already proved he has the drive to bulk up. He was supposed to be replaced in New Moon, because the plot said he dramatically got larger between films and they just didn’t think he could do it.

        He did.

    1. To be honest the kid sort of looks like a young Hugh Jackman. The only way I see this working is as a cameo, perhaps chronicling the history of mutants. Or something to do with Mr. Sinister and his age old quest to crack the genetic code. Sinister has been around as long as Wolverine and was behind the scenes on a lot of things, especially Scott Summers’ early life in the orphanage. Having him as part of First Class makes sense. He might very well have tracked down this young wolf like boy to collect samples. Lautner would be believable as a young James Howlett, living in the Canadian woods prior to resurfacing in British Colombia as Logan.

      1. I dont see a resemblance to Jackman at all. But if he was in the film as a younger Logan, it would be brief and probably not that important.

        I would love to see Sinister though.

      2. In order to see the resemblance, you have to cover your right eye with your left hand, squint, tilt your head to the right and stand 10 feet from the screen.

        See it now? It’s clear as day….

  3. I’m not very hyped about this movie, so it doesn’t really matter to me one way or another. Some of the casting for this movie (rumors and real) have me scratching my head. Either the actors cast have been too old, the Xmen should all be teenagers or at least believable as teenagers. Or they’re casting characters that shouldn’t even be around. The first class should consist of Cyclops, Jean Gray, Beast, Ice Man and the Angel. I’d also have no problem if they also added Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants, Quicksilver; Scarlet Which, Toad and Mastermind or the Blob. They have already pretty much destroyed canon with the first four movies, so how much more damage can they really do? This is just my opinion and I’ll wait to see how the movie rounds out, but for now, I’m not high on it based on what I’ve heard so far.

    1. And I will literally tell you what literally means.

      No one is that bad off that a really bad casting decision is worth your life. Especially when you exaggerate your displeasure with “literally” when you don’t at all mean literally.

  4. im glad he cant do this…i agree with you rodney, if they are going to have a wolverine cameo (which isnt needed in the first place) then it needs to be Hugh Jackman

    1. Same here, and I’ve heard some pretty horrible shit in my life so…They are going to kill this franchise DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! That casting doesn’t make any sense. “because he’s a friend” WTF?
      It’D be a fucking twilight invasion. I know it’s only one guy but THAT’S ALL IT TAKES. Little girls would look at Wolverine the same way they look at whatever-his-fucking-twilight-name-is!

      1. You know what’s better? Some fanboy acting just as outrageous and over reacting just like one of those Twilight invasion fans.

        You know, getting all emo and making blind assumptions to further illustrate your emotional distress.

        Congrats Shinobi… you did exactly what those Twihards would do, but you made it about X-Men.

      2. Ok Rodney, I don’t post here to be insulted so I won’t insult you in return but let me explain in more details:

        Did I watch Twilight?, yes (the first one). Did I REALLY hate it?, yes for countless reasons. Are there worst movies in this world?, HELL YES!

        What I really hate about these movies is the fact that they succeed without even trying. They could have put fart sounds over the all the lines and it still would have made millions. Most of those tween girls only want to see pretty peoples looking at each others on screen.

        Maybe that Taylor guy is a good actor given the right role, great even. WE DON’T KNOW. But casting him as Wolverine is just a devious plan to make all the twilight fans go see the next X-Men, that’s all and that infuriates me.

        I hope they are not making a tween X-Men movie like I feel they are doing with the new Spider-Man. Even if they say it’s a prequel I feel it’s more of a reboot than anything else. There’s been some really cool casting choices announced but I’m still sceptical on the new direction.

        And beside, given how old Wolverine really is, it just doesn’t make any sense unless they say that it has absolutly nothing to do with the previous movies and this is kind of an alternate universe thing.

        That is all.

  5. In other casting news, every actor in Hollywood has signed on in order for someone to fill every role of every minor character to ever be is the x-men comic! The guy who played the stretchy arm ice cream man in Legion will make great Purple Man!!

    Seriously, enough characters! Wy is it going to be “First Class” when there aren’t going to be any characters left for a second class?

  6. Why is it that everyone attached to the x-men films wants to shove them in the crapper and clog up the pipes! There is NO need for a Wolverine cameo AT ALL! This is a chance to prove that x-men films can still be AWESOME! After the X3 fiasco I lost all hope and then Wolverine: Origins had me crying in shame. Really Singer? Lautner? NO!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tell you what, Bryan Singer….you really want Taylor Lautner in X:Men First Class in a cameo. I say do it. But not as Wolverine. Think… how about…a young Jason Wyngarde (Mastermind)? [why not fill out members of Hellfire Club?] Or better yet, X-Force’s Warpath?

    But as mentioned, the die has been set; if there is a Logan cameo of any kind it should be Hugh Jackman-and the character is not needed.

  8. No! No! No! You cannot cast Lautner as a “young Wolverine”. As you said, that doesn’t even make sense because he already was a full grown adult by the time this movie would take place. That would really fuck with the continuity of Origins and this one. If they chose him to play a young Wolverine in Origins I wouldn’t really have a problem since he fits the physical description. I’m shocked and almost ashamed to hear this from Singers mouth. He should know better.

    As for Wolverine having a cameo in the new movie I don’t mind that all. But at the same time, as you said, this film is about the start of the X-Men and the school so he shouldn’t have a significant part.

  9. As much as I am a fan of Wolverine I really feel that he doesn’t need to be in the X-Men first class film. My fanboy speaks and says that they need to stick with the original mutants (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast, and Angel). He really doesn’t have any need to be in this film. And why would they want to put a young Wolverine anyway? Doesn’t make sense sice he’s supposed to be way older than any of them when they were kids. Hell even in the cartoons of X-Men Evolution they got that right. I really hope the Singer was just kidding when he said that.

  10. I could write something horrible about a casting couch and pillows on the floor, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll write I’m glad Lautner isn’t going to be Wolverine as a youth, he’s too pretty to be bad-ass. Maybe he could hang out with Lohan and get some ‘real’ street cred and press, which might help. LOL–Just a thought!

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