Norton will not be Hulk in Avengers – Maybe Joaquin Phoenix?

The on-again off-again relationship between Edward Norton and Marvel has reached its finale as an official statement is released and very eloquently states that Norton’s creative collaboration is not a fit with their other talented cast.

So no Norton Hulk for Avengers. But there will still be Hulk in Avengers.

/Film offers:

last week Marvel confirmed that Norton would not be back for the new film due not to “monetary factors” but the “the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.”

So while Norton’s people are currently stomping their less than gamma radiated feet at the snub, they are still sticking to the story that it was about money.

So now that Norton is most certainly off the list of contenders, who might play Banner in Joss Whedon’s Avengers?

Chud is reporting a rumour that they have already offered the part to Joaquin Phoenix, which would bring him out of his puzzling fake retirement to bring hermit back to the rap industry image.

Phoenix is an amazing actor, and I would love to see him take on this role. I really liked Norton as Banner, and CGI Hulk will always be CGI Hulk, so that doesn’t matter much. But Phoenix would do a fine job if the rumour is true.

And it might mean he returns to mainstream films again, all the better news.

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16 thoughts on “Norton will not be Hulk in Avengers – Maybe Joaquin Phoenix?

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  2. Sounds to me like a combination of screen time and monetary factors. If the movie stays true to the comics Hulk will leave two seconds after joining the Avengers. Whomever plays Bruce Banner will probably have a 2 minute cameo at best. Won’t make much of a difference if they somehow have Hulk as the villian.

    My guess is Marvel wants to prorate the payout. Makes sense but I think Norton is the biggest name, as of right now. You can make the case for Robert Downey Jr, but take out Iron Man and you have a great actor with a drug filled past who no one wanted to hire. Take out Hulk from Norton and you still have a great actor.

      1. Downey is a great actor with a good mix of Hollywood and Independent/low budget movies. But, how many of those independent movies where his choice. He could have considered them a paycheck and nothing else. My point is that Iron Man reminded everyone of his potential from the 80’s/early 90’s. Did I enjoy his movies from that time till Iron Man, yes. Was he widely accepted in Hollywood, no.

        Is it possible that I’m wrong, yes. Will I ever admit it, no.

  3. Really, Edward Norton? Do it for the fans! He knew from the beginning that Marvel had intentions of consolidating the Marvel universe and he should have been prepared for it. Like he doesn’t already have enough money and needed more then the millions he’ll already glean from the huge profits Whedon’s Avengers will make. Who suffers? We, the fans.

  4. As expected. After everything that happened over “Incredible Hulk” I honestly didn’t think Norton would be able to climb off his high horse & be a team-player. Such a shame, though.
    I would totally push bringing Bana back if it didn’t cosmetically nullify Marvel’s efforts at correcting Lee’s mistake.
    I’ve never really been a Phoenix fan, so I guess we’ll just have to see. I didn’t think Norton could pull of Banner either, but I was wrong there too.

    1. Yes, you’re totally right. This is a case of Norton not being a team player and staying on that high horse of his. As excellent of an actor he is, he is being selfish and making a wrong decision. As Dave said above, all he would really have to do is shoot a few scenes then the Hulk would fill in the remainder.

  5. I think its a shame Norton is missing out. His inclusion would create a great balance among the other characters. Norton is so talented. I would have loved to see him work with Downey.

  6. Hmmm…this is a bummer. We aren’t even through the “set-up” films and they are already having to recast principal characters.
    It’s too bad Norton couldn’t just make a quick appearence early in the film and then have circumstances arise that make him “Hulk-all-the-time.”

    1. You mean like Gray Hulk or the Professor? Id like to see those but I doubt they will stray from the iconic green ‘savage hulk’ version.

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