Justin Bieber to get 8 Mile-esque Feature Film?

Justin Bieber’s rise to fame might be earning him his own feature film in a pseudo biopic in the vein of 8 Mile. No, it won’t be a story about Justin’s hard life on the mean streets of Stratford Ontario, but it will likely be about a Beiber like popstar shooting to popularity.

Cinemablend shares:

The tween sensation apparently told Teen Vogue back in April that he was working on a biopic about his life, and now gossip site Hollywood Life says a script is close to completion, and just as Bieber promised, it’s “kinda like my own version of 8 Mile.”

I can hardly imagine a story of his success since he is only 16, came out of nowhere and was instant popular.

I can only name one song he sings, and its pretty damned catchy. He has a clean cut image and positive message to send so while I don’t mind my kids listening to his music, it does make him the object of ridicule.

I anticipate his “my own 8 Mile” statement to be mocked, but I see where he is coming from.

It wont be a direct story about his climb to success (which might have incurred such hardships as skipping lunch period) but it will be about a character that is a lot like him.

If its done right (and likely Disney candy coated) it could be a fun movie. Where my real concern lies, is just how terrible he was on Saturday Night Live (acting not singing) and what that might look like on a polished film.

This is where the real rocket scientists come out with comments like “Justin Bieber sucks” because its the cool thing to do. You don’t have to like him, but at least keep the comments off the playground.