Clash Of The Titans 2 Update

As of July 8, 2010, the remake of Clash Of The Titans (2010) has made an estimated $491 million dollars worldwide ($163 million domestically). That’s some pretty good money earned (thanks foreign box office!). Although it wasn’t critically liked that much, they are going ahead with a sequel. ComingSoon recently asked Sam Worthington (leading role) about it…

CinemaBlend states:

[It] will be 3D this time…Shot in 3D. Do put that in and make them fucking aware… When I read Clash 2, they came to me the other day. I said, ‘I kinda dig where it’s going, but can we make the character more of this? Can we make it more of that? Can I get to play a lot more and get involved and have a lot more fucking fun than just being a young man who has to stand there and look pretty?’ I’m sick of doing that, so it’s kind of a case of, ‘How do we make Perseus a lot more fun?’ So we’re sort of shaping it down that track.

I don’t mind another sequel to this. Clash of the Titans is one of my childhood favorites. I didn’t mind the remake. I thought it wasn’t that bad, nor good. It was just ok. The idea of them going towards a new direction and making a new original plot regarding this universe and characters, sounds interesting. I’m totally behind Worthington about asking the writers to improve his character. Poor guy has basically done the same performance in Terminator Salvation, Avatar and Clash of the Titans. Get him to do something different, something we haven’t seen from him. Plus, although I’m not a 3D junkie, I’m glad they are making it 3D from the start and not post-converting it. That was a horrible move with the first one.

What do you guys think? Want Clash of the Titans 2? What do you want changed or improved?

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