Victoria’s Secret Congratulates Rosie for Unconfirmed Transformers 3 Role

Here’s the latest update on the who’s going to be cast in the “most important and potentially Oscar worthy, life changing” role of the year. Apparently Victoria’s Secret has jumped headfirst on the rumor pool and has posted on their Facebook page a video congratulating former model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on her first acting role in Transformers 3. Enjoy!

Not much news here. Just eye-candy. There’s no denying that Rosie is hot and sexy. Still, too skinny for my taste. But that’s just me. Still think Fox is hotter. If you had a similar video of Mrs. Fox like this one, Fox would win. Anyways, at least this is for certain; Transformers 3 will be released on July 1, 2011. Until then, keep debating…

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9 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Congratulates Rosie for Unconfirmed Transformers 3 Role

  1. Enough of hot babes in Transformers movies ! I want a “faithful-to-the-source-material” Transformers movie,that concentrates 90% of the time of the Autobots and the Decepticons, much like the G1 cartoon series on tv. I want the Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, Laserbeak, the Aerialbots, Omega Supreme. Soundwave going mano y mano with the Autobots. The creators of the “War for Cybertron” game had the right feel and concept for a Transformers movie. Why can’t Michael Bay take cues from that? Moviegoers want to be awed by transforming robots, and not some Victoria’s Secret model baring her natural assets.

  2. I don’t want her in the role. I want someone with at least a little bit of acting talent. I’m not asking for much, just a fairly attractive actress.

    1. Her role doesn’t require her to have talent. Whiteley is cast for the very same reason Fox was cast, eye candy. Although, I would have preferred an actual actress. Ellen Page would have a good choice, at least she has acting talent.

  3. How thoughtful of them.
    Someone should thank those who actually care.

    Now they should work on a PSA announcement in regards to the dangers of anorexia.

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