The Expendables Final Poster

How much action should you put into an action movie? I remember my dad asking me this while we watched some old 80’s, cheezy action film. This memory came to mind when I came upon the final-sheet of The Expendables thanks to Enjoy…

I like it; but I’m not thrilled about it. I’m amazed at the cast; not so much about the poster itself. Can’t believe they managed to get so many action film veterans together in one movie. Since Stallone announced his plans about filming this, I was excited. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. Looks like it’s gonna be really fun movie. Still…I think they should’ve added Van Damme in this. Then it would’ve gained a stronger following and buzz.

What do you guys think of the poster? You going to see it?

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13 thoughts on “The Expendables Final Poster

  1. I like the poster, but disapointed that JCVD opted out claiming he hadn’t been offered a decent enough part with characterisation… since when has Van Damme EVER bothered about that?

  2. Still wished it had Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Segal, and Wesley Snipes. Then they would have to just changed the title to “The Biggest Manliest Action Movie EVER!”

  3. Van damme was offered the part Lundgren has, and the circumstances of how and why he declined differ depending on who is quoted. Maybe for the sequel. As for this poster, quite like it but close up Willis is so airbrushed he looks like a pencil sketch, its creepy!

  4. I am probably the only male in the world that is disgusted by the very idea of this movie. I wouldn’t have any problem with it except for the fact that my two least favorite actors of any genre are in it: Stallone and Jet Li. I cannot stand either one of them and unless they both die before they have the chance to speak (which I already know won’t happen based on the trailer) I probably won’t be watching this.

    1. yup you are the only male to not like this i can understand that you dont want to see this movie becuas you dont like jet li and stallone but how do those two make thise whole movie a disgusted idea for you that i dont understant, i though really want to see this movie realy really bad

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