Ralph Macchio, Wax On Fuck Off!

With the new Karate Kid film coming out tomorrow, we sometimes wonder what ever happened to Ralph Macchio? Well it turns out he was too nice for Hollywood and his career never recovered.

Funny or Die has the trailer for a mochumentary about Macchio trying to save his career by having a breakdown into the world of drugs and indecent behaviour.

I love the look on his wife’s face when she asks if he ever slept with anyone else and he says “only with you” and she is crushed. Just awesome.

He tries so hard, but Macchio is just too kind for this Hollywood filled with drug addicts and sociopaths.

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9 thoughts on “Ralph Macchio, Wax On Fuck Off!

  1. Oh my gosh!!! You’re the best Ralph Macchio!!! I’ve loved you since childhood!!! =D
    This is so hilarious!!! =D

  2. Might be pretty good actually, But…
    This sort of reminds me of JCVD and I’ve got a “bad” feeling that this is going to become somekind of a ‘trend’ now… Old B-movie stars try to get back in the money business by selling themselves, flooding markets with shit. WEll it ain’t reality just yet and I hope it never will be.

  3. That was great, “I 48 years old!”, I laughed so hard. I loved the dissapointed look on the faces of his friends when admits to only sleeping with his wife.

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