New Tron Billboard Poster Online

A new promotional billboard for Tron Legacy has made its way to highwaysides and online.

The new image features a Deadly Disc player dramatically sporting his Xena chakram and the title.

I am just loving this look for the new film, and I hope this serves justice to the original and re-invigorates the franchise.


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2 thoughts on “New Tron Billboard Poster Online

  1. I watched the original a few weeks back with my kids. They kinda liked it (due to me telling them how great it was, scene by scene), but I think they thought it was kind of slow and lame – cutting edge back in the day didn’t really impress them by the standards of today. I hope this gives them “their Tron”, like the Charlotte’s Web and Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe remakes did, but I’m as excited as they are because of the sequel factor! It looks amazing!

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