New Jonah Hex Clip Online

Seems the studio is pretty sure you are going to like Jonah Hex even after that ridiculous trailer showed a pair of Gatling guns mounted to a horse. They just keep trying to tease you into wanting to see this movie.

And a sweaty corset wearing tall booted Megan Fox has my attention. Well not MY attention but.. my attention… just watch the clip.

I have to admit, she does look rather fetching in that wild west get up. Shame that isn’t enough to get me excited about this film.

But bold props to the studio for continuing to try!

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7 thoughts on “New Jonah Hex Clip Online

  1. I don’t have much hope in this for as adapting DC’s Jonah Hex extremely well, i more wanna see this because i currently play red dead redemption on Xbox 360 an the whole cowboy world is fascinating currently. But the part where Megan undo her handcuffs an Jonah is like “The hell” is pretty funny to me.

    So i’m willing to give it a chance, maybe it will have some decency an turn out good.

    1. I’m also enjoying that RDR on my PS3(Game of the Year? Maybe if Mass Effect 2 came out last year:). But I’d rather spend my hard-earned $15 on a Blu-Ray copy I’ve been wanting of 3:10 To Yuma (Best Western since Tombstone!) than go see this pile of horseshit at the cinemas.

  2. It’s funny Rodney, I never really understood your anger toward the rock music in trailers thing that has become so popular. I thought, surely it can only help open the appeal of the movie to coveted demographics. That all changed for me when I saw the trailers for this film. The music, the font, everyting they are advertising this movie to be has succesfully taken my anticipation away. I was really looking forward to this movie when it was announced, but that early excitement has turned into just plain annoyance everytime I see the terrible trailers (that seem to be more about Fox than Brolin). What can I say, you were right.

  3. I hope that music is just part of the trailer and not the actual movie. Either way i won’t be seeing this until it hits DVD.

  4. Yeah, she looks good in a corset, but this movie looks like it’s gonna suck hard. I could end up being wrong, but I’ll wait for the reviews to come in on release before I buy a ticket.

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