Neal McDonough is Dum Dum Dugan

At the MTV Awards this weekend Neal McDonough confirms he’ll be in the new Captain America: The First Avenger film as none other then Dum Dum Dugan. For those of you unfamiliar with Dum Dum Dugan he is an officer of S.H.I.E.L.D and one of the most experienced members of Nick Fury’s team. He is known for his marksmanship with rifles, also for looking a little like Watson with his bowler hat and moustache.

Here’s a clip from the interview with Neal where he seems to be ecstatic about the role.

Visually I have to say he does not at all fit the part, and I hope they darken his mustache because it’s barely noticeable. The news is still good news for me because Neal McDonough is a good actor and if I had to choose between a good actor playing the part that he doesn’t physically fit, or a bad actor that looks exactly like the character he’s playing i’d choose the good actor. Any opinions?

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8 thoughts on “Neal McDonough is Dum Dum Dugan

  1. OH MY GOD @DAN!!

    Are you fuckin serious?? “He doesn’t at all fit the part”??? what the fuck are you smoking??? THIS…THIS RIGHT HERE…THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE…Is fuckin HOLLYWOOD. They made ppl look like they were 2 feet tall. They’ve made ppl look like they were 9 feet tall and 50 feet tall and that was in the 80’s. The makeup game in Hollywood is also fuckin inSANE. You think they cant dye a muthafuckas hair RED and put a big ass mustache on his fuckin face??? Are you serious??!! You hope they darken his mustache??? hahahahahahaha oh my fuckin god. Do you even WATCH movies???

  2. I love this guy and i think he’ll be fantastic at this role. His wife needs to be quiet while he’s doing interviews though, giant breastesses or not.

  3. Love Neal McDonough as an actor. Love that he got the part. COULD NOT stop staring at his wife’s tits in that clip. No idea how the interview geek didn’t zone in on them after a while.

  4. i approve…he is a good actor and not all that different from Dum Dum Dugan, just needs darker hair…piece of cake

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