Mafia Wars to be Adapted to a Feature Film

I hesitate to call this a movie adaptation of a video game, as Mafia Wars is hardly a traditional video game. But it seems that the popular Zynga application game for Facebook will be made into a feature film.

JoBlo says

According to Pajiba, we are about to get our first Facebook/iPhone application turned into a movie in the form of Zynga’s MAFIA WARS.

So if you don’t have Facebook, you won’t really know what the buzz is about this. But I guarantee you that if you DO have a facebook, unless your only friend is your Grandma (and that may or may not result in a lack of this application) then you will know at least that a game app exists by this name.

In Mafia Wars you go on “missions” to earn levels and build your own personal mafia. Its not a traditional video game as there is no interaction outside of selecting a mission and seeing if your ability scores result in a successful attempt. But its very popular, so they are making a movie out of it.

More accurately, they likely had some original script laying around that deals with conflicting Mafia organizations and didn’t know how to market this original story. So they attached the script to the popularity of this plot free Facebook app so they can market the crap out of it.

And people say there are no original ideas left in Hollywood!

I wonder how long before we see a Farmville movie.

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7 thoughts on “Mafia Wars to be Adapted to a Feature Film

  1. I simply couldn’t leave your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the usual info a person provide for your guests? Is going to be back ceaselessly in order to inspect new posts

  2. Best lines ever! :P

    “And people say there are no original ideas left in Hollywood!
    I wonder how long before we see a Farmville movie.”

  3. THIS COMPANY MAKES CRAP GAMES THAT ARE BASICALLY JUST A WAY TO GRAP YOUR INFORMATION AND USE IT IN OTHER WAYS. The way advertising works on facebook now is through these crap games that really are nothing more then 8 bit crap hack games that are spread like viruses through social networking… as for a movie I don’t know how i feel about a low mafia movie made buy a hack social networking gaming company. This is like if Payless Shoe Source decided to make a movie about a cobbler finding romance in Mexico…..just stupid.

    1. Living Social: The Movie…

      I used to play Imperial Galaxy, still hit those little squares now and then, but nobody’s around anymore, they all busy tendin’ FarmVille, WhoVille and other game apps which spam up by box send by relatives and well meaning friends. I got caught up in that stuff too–not so much on Facebook, but Evony and Gladius…and if my biggest concern in life is who the hell has the balls to attack my damned fort…and who maxes out credit cards to gain lots of advantages over me and I feel tempted to do the same but don’t bring myself to do it…??

      Time to walk away.
      Rejoin society, enjoy the sunshine…drink and be merry.

      It might make a better story to show these addictive obsessions, worry about trivial matters…but no. Mafia Wars the movie.

      I feel sick.

    2. So they make simplistic games that are very low cost to create and operate, and are only a tiny step higher than playing Windows Hearts or Minebuster – but because they are not vast 3d masterpieces you feel you have to rant against them?

      Sounds more to me like you are going out of your way to generate hate over something so trivial and inconsequential.

      They made a mafia movie and tied it into the popular facebook game… and this is enough to set you off into brain hemorrhage inducing insult-fests.

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