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Genre: Action/Superhero
Directed by: Jon Favreau
Staring: Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson


With the world now aware of his dual life as the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) faces pressure from the government, the press, and the public to share his technology with the military. Unwilling to let go of his invention, Stark, along with Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, must forge new alliances — and confront powerful enemies.


Everything that was good about the first one? Still here. This is more of the same, but in a good way. RDJ is still Tony Stark, with all the snappy banter and compulsive rambling of a scattered genius mind. He also struggles with a certain subplot and it works SO well. RDJ is such an amazing actor.

Don Cheadle stepped up and proved to be a better military type than Howard was. I don’t miss Howard at all.

Mickey Rourke? Whiplash is awesome. He is a great villain, and driven by his sense of revenge on Stark. How he gets his hands on the tech is part of the subplot and I won’t spoil it. I am glad they went that way with him. Oh, and I wish I had the post over a year ago when we talked about how Whiplash could be a worthy foe against Iron Man despite his exposed fleshy parts. He proves more than formidable. Then in the climax he steps it up a notch.

The Action was way better in this one, but it is supposed to. The first was an origin story with a small sampling of action and combat at the end. Iron Monger was’t the best battle, but it worked. There is a TON of action in this one.

Scarlett’s introduction as the Black Widow. Day-yum!! Holy crap is that girl so hot – ahem – I mean she is an attractive and capable combatant that doesn’t over exaggerate her physical form. Much of the action is as eyecatching as her outfit, and most of her combat moves involve flips and throws that use her opponent’s momentum and weight against them. She’s not taking out 200lb men with a jab. Its amazing to watch and worth her presence. She’s not in the movie that much, but its appropriate to plug her role in the Avengers. Oh, she doesn’t talk with a Russian accent. It’s still ok.


There were a few things that bugged me. While Tony proved in the first film that piloting the Iron Man suit is fairly intuitive, they make a point that getting INTO the suit is a production in itself. So when Rhodey hops into the MarkII armour (apparently this is “next time”) I was surprised that it took mere seconds. Furthermore, its been clear that Tony’s “heart” power cell is what gives the suit its juice, but the MarkII is just laying around with a spare already mounted in it? And when Tony realizes the answer to a subplot problem is to create something that cannot be created, he just goes ahead and does it. Impossible gadgets I can deal with. Creating a new element? My disbelief got a bit too suspended.

There were other nitpicks, but most of them involve spoilers. Just that they gloss over details that were so important in the first film as trivial now just bugs me.

Justin Hammer is a terrible enemy. He is a cartoon character of a spineless man. Spineless would be fine, but how this weasle was ever successful at anything is beyond me. At least if Tony’s rival DESERVED the power he weilds, then he would be a worthy foe. But Hammer is a joke.


Fun to look at, and a great ride worthy of Iron Man.

On a side note for the Easter Egg hunters. We got to see Stan Lee in a glimpse as Larry King and he really looks the part, but he wasn’t as big a cameo as I thought he was going to be. I predicted Stark being a guest on his show, but maybe Stan the Man couldn’t act like Larry as much as he looked like him. As for Oliva Munn’s mysterious cameo? Munn herself reported that her more improv original cameo was reshot and she was now going to play a named Marvel Character – she’s not. She plays a TV Personality reporting on a media event. Boo. Agent Coulson gets re-assigned to New Mexico in the middle of the film and it plays a part in a pretty nifty Stinger at the end of the credits. I didn’t catch any Ten Rings references.

I give Iron Man 2 a 7 out of 10

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52 thoughts on “Review: Iron Man 2

  1. The last 20 minutes are exhilarating cinema. Director Jon Favreau – who gets more screentime this time round as Happy Hogan – manages to deliver a great follow-up which should satisfy even the most ardent fanboy. And for fans of the Marvel Universe, it’s worth staying past the credits for an extra scene at the end of the movie.

  2. Hey Rodney, great review.

    Just thought id say this was alot better then IM1 in my opinion, probably because Mickey Rourke is an ultimate badass!

    With reference to Rhodes, if you remember Nick Fury telling Stark how he ‘let’ him get away with the MarkII suit? He even said it had a type of ‘firewall’ that Rhodes wouldn’t possibly get into, so obviously it was hinting that Stark actually wanted Rhodes to take the suit.

  3. Hey Rodney,

    My six year old son is bugging me to see Iron Man 2. In your opinion, is this movie safe for kids to see? (not sure if you have kids or not).

    Best Regards,


    1. That is for you to decide. I would bring my youngest who is almost 8. But this does have more violence than the first one, but there is no sex at all.

  4. I see your 7 and raise you a 7.5. I thought the film could have used just a liiiitle more action in the middle, and I share many of your nitpicks save for the Justin Hammer thing.


    The thing with Tony’s dad leaving clues to his undiscovered element? So old. I am sick and tired of the “secret riddle” plot device and it kind of put a damper on the whole thing for me. I’m just thankful that it wasn’t a big part of the film, and truth be told it was at least set up fairly well. But I’m glad that they’re really setting up the Demon in a Bottle storyline. Tony does a fair bit of drinking in this movie, and you can even catch his dad having a drink, suggesting that maybe it runs in the family.


    All in all, I’m glad to see a sequel that isn’t “darker” or “edgier.” I liked Pepper Potts’ role in this film, and am glad to see that relationship playing out the way it is. And damn is I’m not in love with “Scar Jo:” She is sexy, and I fully endorse a spin off movie for her character. You know it would work, don’t deny it. YOU KNOW IT!

    And Rodney, I’ll shoot you an e-mail about this in a week or so once everyone’s seen the film, but I’d like to ask you to make a post about the scene near the end about Tony’s Membership in the Avenger Initiative. I’d like to see a discussion about that on these boards.

    Personal Message to Scar Jo: Divorce your incredibly attractive husband, and marry me. Or don’t divorce him, and I’ll be your…male mistress? What are those called? Or, hell, bring him along, I’m open to try new things.

    1. And does this make me a retard? I had no clue that Jon Favreau was both the director and played Hogan. Kudos to him for an awesome movie, and me not hating him as an actor.

  5. Sam Rockwell played an awesome Douche and cowardly villan.
    Great Stuff! not for everyone but His Character seemed as real as it get’s (especially in that bussiness)

  6. I really think this movie set up Iron Man 3 and the Avengers really well. Standing alone, I think it was an awesome movie to watch and was a lot of fun to see in IMAX. Scar Jo was also great in it. Did anyone see the Super 8 trailer?

    1. Saw this last night and I had a blast. IMO, Iron Man 2 was better than the first. Never really cared much for Jeff Bridges’ character. Great cast and left me wanting more. Justin Hammer is such an insufferable prick that you can’t help to hate him. Along with the current Batman movies, the Iron Man franchise for me is one of the best comic book movie franchises hands down. Didn’t see Thor in the prison scene, at first thought the dude they brought into Whiplash’s cell was him. Can’t wait for the Avengers movie!

  7. I think there will be an Iron Man 3 , inevitably. And since both Rhodey now wears the War Machine suit, wonder if part 3 will feature a storyine involving Rhodey going paranoid and unwilling to yield the suit back to Tony Stark or maybe another story having him take over the Iron Man suit because Stark has becoming more and more unsuitable to continue his superhero persona and battling Rhodey to take back his suit.

  8. Rodney,

    Out of curiosity, what did you rate Iron Man 1? Thanks for the review. I cannot wait until Friday!

  9. Having the priviliges of having IM2 scheduling early than in North America, i would like to say i definitely enjoyed this :D. RDJ still rocks!! Watching Scarlett…forgive me, Black Widows kicking ass is so much fun to watch, also she is having her own style of fight. Some people complaining about Pepper Potts PMSing all the time, but i disagree, she is supposed to be like that, she is Tony Starks personal assistant/CEO at interim witch in reality is like mother hen to him. By the way Tony behaving, witch is PR disaster waiting to happen, off course she is bitching it to him all the time. Love Don Cheadle more than capable to go toe to toe with Tony, he is such a good actor. Nick Fury having more of screen time too, and he definitely bring the foundation of upcoming Avenger assemble.
    I hv noted that quite disturbingly, couple scene totally different/missing from trailers to the actual show, you’ll notice that too. Tell me what do you think about that?

  10. So is it better than Iron Man, acccording to you Rodney?

    John gave it IM1 8.5, and you gave IM2 7, going by that it doesn’t seem so.

    1. I dont recall saying this was “better”. There are things that are better in this because its a different type of story. But I still thing the first film was better.

  11. watched this last night thought it was a really good movie a awesome crowd pleaser ;) but i think people was more interested in looking for easter eggs more than anything lol(i was one of them) was thor in the prison scene after? i forgot to look out for that one.

  12. A good way to avoid spoilers before seeing it is to Not read the comments of the review until after you see it.

  13. yo, yall need to stop with all the spoilers for people who haven’t seen it yet… Mainly, the entire United States!

  14. Good, not great.

    My issue was the (hard to say without spoilers)……DJ scratchin’ and “It takes two” scene..

    not needed and made it a little hokey IMO.

    LOVED Scarlett in this though! I want to see more of her.

    and yeah, they kinda threw out like important details in the side plot out the window, and did a “it’s solved” a little quick.

    The final battle was a bit swift (Whiplash part) like in the first, but I’m nitpicking.

    all in all, Decent Job, But I’ve been strokin’ myself for a year(seems like) and with all the clips they put out it’s easy to feel like you seen it already(good parts). Hate when they do that!

    Bottom Line: GO SEE IT! (TWICE)

  15. on the thing when Rhodes getting in the suit easy what you can think about is that he is a military man and is used to suiting up in high tech suit and other heavier equiptemten while tony just builds them. and to my knowlege never test them himself

    1. There is NOTHING the Military guys gear up in that is as elaborate as the Mark II or III armour. He needs a machine to put it on for him.

  16. I actually looked up some stuff on Munn’s character. Evidently she was in ONE Iron Man comic. Clearly she wasn’t kidding when she said she was a minor role.

  17. I haven’t seen the movie yet but a 7/10 for a few nitpick problems that are spoilers? I guess I’ll just have to see the movie and figure out where you are coming from.

    1. The good wasn`t phenomenally good. Just really good. Combine that with some lazy plot devices, and its still a good movie (7 is a good score) but its not `great`

  18. When Fury says that Stark didn’t try all possibilities, I was hoping the solution would be vibranium.

    1. Cap`s sheild is made of Vibranium, and in the first movie we see the shield is already there on Tony`s workbench, so he would have been aware of it.

      He tried everything he is aware of.

  19. I’d consider the word element a spoiler having seen it.

    I vaguely remember rings, obviously there was the one in the first movie, so are they supposed to be like magic evil good luck charms that make people successful baddies.

    I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray.

    The shield I find a bit weird since there was a full one in the background in IronMan one, you’re right it was a tad small. Prototypes?

    Also I liked Whiplash and Hammer. Hammer was trying to be over the top, to get noticed since he was most definetely in TonyStark&IronMan’s shadow.

    1. There were more then one in Ironman 1.

      it was small, but half the star wa smissing, so it wasnt done lmao. In the first ironman, it looked finished though- youre right. thats weird.

      The element thing, and how it carried on in the end made me want to shoot myself.

      I know! Blu ray IM2 is gonna rule =]

    2. The shield DID look weird, but Caulson was awesome in the scene. “Do you know what this is? Why do you have this?” Great stuff.

  20. Yea I am not reading that review yet but is this open in Canada already or did you have a press pass or something?

  21. Well, as i told you before Rod, Hammer is that “something” you wouldn´t like, i think he fits more as a villian of the 60´s Batman or Austin Powers, he is too predictable and dumb.

    I didn´t see Thor actually, i was distracted for the “other avenger” reference, and next time i will be looking for a reference to “Wasp”, i think is just a web rumour, but, well see.

    Regards from México !

  22. “i didnt catch any ten ring refferences”

    watch closely, HotRod- i mean its REALLY hard to see… i could send you stills if you want. Whiplash and Hammer wear the rings. I believe Rockwell has it on his pinky? And Whiplash wears it when hes next to his white parrot and when hes standing in front of the grey armor. sorry i cant be more specific, but when you get the BLU RAY pause at the scenes i just told you =]

    Btw, how did you like the shield? hopefully when its done itll be like 10 inches bigger.

    Justin Hammer is getting a bad rap lately. I think he stole the show. Yeah towards the end he bitches out, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT- i TOLD everyone Justin Hamer cant TOUCH ironman.. the guy is a CEO that cant lift a bat. but as a character he was great

    As for Whiplash being a worthy foe, im sure the last fight scene showed how intense and and powerful he is-
    with his 40 minute ABOMINATION/HULK-like fight sequence.

    he DID, however- do good against a suitcase tin-can version of an injured tony stark

    1. Yo Rodney, did you see it in IMAX? if not- im guessing you may be watching it again.

      If you do- try and pay attention to see if Thor really is in the jail scene

      This goes for everyone. keep a look out for thor in the fight scene where ironman says “Speaking of theves, wheree did you get that design?” Rourke: “My father”

      RIGHT before this jail scene, supposedly thors there =P

      1. REALLY, Rodney? oh wow thats fantastic. Thank you =]

        I read an article of some expert saying it was Thor, but he did not work for Marvel so i waved it off. It was on CBM though.

        Thats really cool though…

    2. Old news. It is Thor in the cameo shot. Why Thor (it’s Hemsworth…) is in Morraco is beyond me, but it was confirmed and that is the thunder god, sir.

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