New Twilght Eclipse IMAX Posters Online

The New Twilight Saga Eclipse IMAX character posters are online, and they are quite effective.

The Dakota “Im not eight” Fanning image is haunting, and Stewart actually looks pretty attractive in hers.

Not that I plan on seeing Twilight in IMAX (I know some twhater is going to think its clever to add “Im not seeing it at all!” so please save yourself the time) But I really like the design of these posters.


4 thoughts on “New Twilght Eclipse IMAX Posters Online

  1. Photoshop much? These pics don’t even look real, they look like CGI versions of the actors. I had no idea Robert Zemeckis was directing this.

  2. Ok I’m no fan of Twilight and I us usually bash it but not today…having seen the Eclipse trailer before Iron Man 2, I have to say that the trailer makes this movie look a lot different from the first two,translation-it doesn’t look like the cheese fest that the first two looked like. I don’t know if it is the influence of the director or not, but at least it looks a bit more like a real movie this time around.

    One thing I have to say, and yea I say it all the time…Taylor Lautner is a HORRIBLE actor, he is just eye candy for the women…which is fine, seeing as we men get plenty of that, but god that kid is just terrible, he never looks menacing or threatening, he just looks constipated.

    Oh and the werewolf effects still look bad, maybe they translate better on the big screen, but all I have seen looks just awful, but then again, I am sure Twilight fans are not picky about their visual effects.

    1. There’s a lot more action in Eclipse (if they stick with the book) – but also a liberal amount of cheese.

      I just wanna see the wolves rip into the vampire army (and if Rob Pattinson gets his top off again that’s fine with me too).

      I have to agree though – Taylor Lautner is not great (but nice to look at). I’m already cringing at the thought of him in Breaking Dawn.

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