Favreau and Downey Introduce Iron Man 2 at Fan Screening

Nothing amuses me more when the celebrities remind us they don’t live in Olympus and pay tribute to the only reason they can do what they do for a living.

The fans.

At the Alamo Drafthouse, the location of many fan friendly film events Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr left a video introduction. And then it gets fun.

Now THAT is what excites me. These guys GET the fans, respect them and they do what they do because of them.



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11 thoughts on “Favreau and Downey Introduce Iron Man 2 at Fan Screening

  1. Both Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. were at the Arclight theather in Hollywood last night to introduce the midnight screening…

    Cool guys!!

  2. This is being shown in Mexico before us also?

    at this rate It’ll be a bootleg before it’s screened here in the U.S.A.!

    How bout up there in maple leaf territory?

    1. That´s the deal, sadly, here in Mexico Piracy is the second best business, only after Narc, so, i guess this measure is based on avoiding massive ilegal screening copies, because everytime the studios release a movie after than US, Canada or Europe somebody gets a copy, and when the theathers release finally came… the black market already have it for sale one or two weeks earlier.

      I know is not good publicity for my beautiful country, and i don´t support piracy in anyway, but here are some facts that you should know:

      a)An average worker earns 5 US dollars per day
      b)One ticket for an average theatre costs 4.50 US dollars.
      c)One illegal copy (clon DVD) on the black market costs 0.90 cents.

      Now do the math, and feel sorry for a 100,000,000 of mexicans, and shame for hundreds of corrupt politicians.


      I just came back from the Premiere of the Movie, im still in shock of how great is this sequel, kind of Empire Strikes Back feeling, and obviously i don´t want to ruin your party with any spoiler, but i can say something… THE AVENGERS UNIVERSE IS ON !

      So, Rodney, i can´t wait for your review, because there´s one thing in the movie that you may find… mmm… well… you´ll see it, but besides that, im sure you gonna love this film, and, maybe im a little crazy here, but AVATAR could lose some of his ribbons.


      Regards from México !!!

  3. Great to see celebs like Robert Downey Jr and Jon Favreau connect with the fans, talking to them like talking to friends and family. Hope that more and more “event movies” like these would be emulated by other actors/directors to be more in tune with the moviegoing public, coz they’re the ones paying these celebs salaries. Without the fans, these guys wouldn’t be where they are.

  4. Im so excited about this, in fact, tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. i will see if all this wait is worth, because Iron Man 2 will be screening here before U.S., so… i will enjoy it for you all !

    Regards From México !!!

  5. It’s funny that he still talks about Dark Knight.

    I am reminded about the Fantastic Four, I’m a Marvel, I’m a DC. 2005, Fantastic Four shows up, then Batman, winner DC. 2007 Fantastic Four show up, DC is a no show, Marvel wins by default.

    Iron Man is great but its funny to think of things that way.

  6. This is why this Ironman franchise is such a fan fav, great fun movie, cool people in front and behind the camera,and little details like this that MEAN something.

  7. Harry Knowles gets a lot of cool shit down at the Alamo Drafthouse. Say what you will about AICN, but they get the scoops, screenings and the stars.

  8. i live a few hours from austin, if i was there, i would have wet myself. that is so cool that they went and did that. and your right, they get it. they know the fans went out and got them the sequel. i hope others can come off their pedestals and meet and greet the people who actually pay hard earned money to see their movies.

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