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Zak Snyder can do anything. That guy has the midas touch! I mean, he could do a CG film about creepy ass looking owls facing their darkest days who are seeking out some legendary clan of armor wearing warrior owls, and it would look spectacular!

Oh wait…

Is it just me or does this look rediculous? They could have done the same thing with just about any other animal and it might not feel so weird, but these owls just don’t look like characters I can feel some connection to. Its just creepy odd.

I know Snyder’s stuff is all stylized and I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve (after 300 he has his own big shoes to fill) but this is a step back. This looks awkward.

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31 thoughts on “Legend of the Guardians Trailer Online

  1. Looks amazing to me, Plus its animated. i was thinking it was gonna be some live action owls Zak tested his hands with. Animated movies of animals isn’t that different u got your finding nemo(fish), we got nine(puppets),kung fu pandas(tigers,crickets,monkeys oh my).

    I really love music like that for trailers it makes things look epic.

  2. In response to “why owls?”, its because its dictated by the book that owls are needed. So, not Snyders fault on this one, though thats probably obvious.

    That being said, yeah, the owls are bizarre, if only because they look so realistic. They dont have any “human” traits, so its difficult to relate to them as heroes. I read these books, and I always imagined them a little more stylized. That being said, it IS visually stunning, just not so much in motion as in pictures.

    The thing that i’m worried about here, is the violence. The books are extremely violent, kind of horrific for childrens novels, really. The characters dont have magic or weapons, so when they kill each other (which is a lot), its slashing and hacking with claws and beaks. There are some disturbing scenes in this novel. Characters ripping each others hearts out, snapping each others necks, someones parents get eaten alive in front of them. Add in some child kidnapping, cults, and controversial religious overtones in later novels, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some not-so-kid-friendly scenes. They’ll probably cut out most of the darker moments, which is good for business, but its part of what gave the books their uniqueness, and were actually important to the plot. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

    1. Then “why owls” in the book?

      I am just saying that this looks awkward. There are plenty of other animated features that give life and personality to realistic looking animal characters, this just doesn’t seem to do it.

  3. This does feel awkward. I think I just don’t like how they make the birds (both here and in Happy Feet) mimic human expressions.

    The story seems interesting, though.

  4. I like the trailer minus the 30 Seconds to Mars song, which is really out of place and awkward. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of 30sec to Mars…but this song wasn’t the best choice.

  5. I don’t understand your reaction to the owls Rodney. It’s no different then watching a bunch of zoo animals, a colony of ants, or some cars that can talk.

    It doesn’t matter what it is. As long as they show some kind of human aspect. Talking and showing emotion. People will connect with it.

    I think the movie looks interesting and the visuals look beautiful. It’s nice to see an animated movie that isn’t a comedy and can actually take itself seriously.

    About the music. I’m not a fan of this type of music. However I thought it fit well with the trailer. Not every “epic” has to have a symphony playing doom and gloom in the serious parts. Then happy cheery music when it’s not.

    The film seems like it has an inspiring story about how you can aspire to be something great. The music seemed uplifting and with the visuals made it even more inspiring.

  6. I think this works with owls. Remember that owls were noble creatures in LOTR, and eagles were notable warriors in Narnia.

      1. I agree with Rod D. Where is the quest for a ring in this movie? It is a widely adored children’s novel series and people are being way to critical. By the look of the trailer, the gorgeous animation will suffice for most people and kids who’ve read the book will be glad that a novel that stretches the boundaries of the ‘ordinary’ talking animal has finally come. Plus a cast this stellar won’t have signed up for much less than epic.

  7. But a movie about Dancing Penguins is ok? Or a movie about 10 foot tall blue people with tails is not RIDICULOUS? (Spell check FTW)
    Owls are bad azz creatures of the night! Youtube some Nat Geo stuff about Owls and you will see.
    I think if it was live action, sure, talking Owls would be weird. But it is an animated movie.
    The cast looks quite impressive.
    Hugo Weaving, Helen Mirren, Sam Neil, Jeffrey Rush

    1. Still looks awkward. There have been DOZENS of movies with talking animals in it that look ok, but this still looks “wrong” somehow.

      Just not delivered right so that you buy into the fantasy.

      1. ya well im pretty sure its made for children, considering its from a childrens novel. Hey if G force ( a movie about talking hamsters that are spies) can make money then i think this movie will be a hit. But when i first see the owl tilt his head up and he has a helmet i thought it was akward…but hell its a kids movie so kudo’s

  8. I agree Rodney… Having an “epic scale” movie that revolves around Owls is… Akward. And I’m not so sure that wearing JUST a helmet qualifies as armored for owls. TECHNICALLY, yes, they are armored in some way, but just watching them swooping around in that trailer… I feel like their heads are the least of their concern. Though I suppose if its from the Happy Feet folks, it could work. I mean, whodathunk that a movie about tapdancing penguins would be so popular?

    That all being said… The animation looks gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking. That studio really takes their time on making everything look incredible. I’d probley chack it out for that alone.

  9. Wow, this is a bit of a stretch for him. I guess he had to take a break from R rated films for a Bit? Reminds me of Robert Rodriguez, how he’ll do a kids movie here and there, between all his hard R stuff.

    As for the trailer it’s self, it certainly looks visually amazing. Some of the best CGI I’ve ever seen in my life. But I’m not sure how entertaining a 90 minute movie about owls can be, amazing visuals or not. Hopefully the owl battles, man that feels weird to write, will be pretty awesome to see. It would also be truly awesome to see if Snyder and bring a true sense of epic to a kids movie, like he has with 300 and Watchmen.

    1. I think it fits, as far as getting the point across of this being and epic tail, about sacrifice and being a hero. But then again, I love that song. It’s Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars. I’m actually kind of surprised they used it, because of the lyrics, especially if this is meant to be a kids movie.

      Near the end of the trailer, in the song, he shouts “Heaven and Hell”, if you notice, they actually edited out hell, I thought that was funny. But then again, it also ruins the song.

      To me, the trailers for all of Zak Snyder’s movies have had great songs that fit well with them, so far.

      1. Yeah, you think it fits because you like this type of music but I really don’t so I agree with Bruce on that one. Maybe if they took out the awful singing it’d be “ok”. I know it’s a question of taste but I think putting those kind of pop rock songs in trailers is just laziness from the studios. Give me some epic symphonic/orchestral pieces, even if they have to take it from another movie but not this crap. It brings the trailer down.

      2. I thought the music went fine with the trailer.

        and btw “Yeah, you think it fits because you like this type of music” doesnt work with me cause i listen to metal and rap.

        so gratz on your brilliant observation.

    1. Yeah, its a pretty popular book series that the kids love so at least it has base for something… I just can’t help keep wondering who makes the helmets? Can owls be blacksmiths? I haven’t read the books, but our kids do eat them up.

      1. yeah actually my little sisters have read all 15 books (obsessed much?) and there are many owl blacksmiths throughout the ‘world’. anyway, be realistic, this is a fantasy book and is also set in the future when humans are extinct, who knows maybe owls will be able to do that sort of thing in millenia to come

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