Godzilla Returns via Legendary Pictures

Variety is reporting that Legendary Pictures is going to remake Godzilla again with this “open secret” they claim is months old. Well… by months they must mean seven of them since Bloody Disgusting broke this story in August:

Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that Legendary Pictures is looking to do another major movie with the iconic horror monster (they are in early discussions), although there are NO details at this point other than this should be a reboot.

And while we will overlook the fact that Variety lists itself as the source (again) and ignores Bloody Disgusting breaking this story, I am excited to see them take another shot at the giant monster genre. They speculate that a director will be announced soon and that will likely set the tone and anticipation of yet another version of the giant lizard.

I didn’t hate the Roland Emmerich/Matthew Broderick remake, but it wasn’t great either. And Cloverfield did its best to try and revive the giant monster flicks of old and did a pretty good job with it in its delivery.

But I want to see what they do with it. Could be a hit, could suck rubber suit balls.

And no… I don’t want Man-in-Suit Godzilla, and I want it to be hardcore action, not some kiddie fare adventure introducing Godzuki and Friends!

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