All Actors Signed on for The Hangover 2

Some films don’t need a sequel. But you know if it makes money they will find a way to make one anyways. The Hangover is one of them. A rare gem of a film is that it was funny for how it was presented, the absurd situation it delivered and the actors and characters involved.

But now all players involved in the original Hangover have signed on for The Hangover 2: Hung Harder.

Screen Junkies offers:

Warner Bros never expected The Hangover to become successful enough to lead to a sequel so they didn’t sign the actors up for additional films. Though it’s been expected that Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis would return for another day of delirium tremens, nothing was confirmed until today.

I have no idea how they are going to do another one and have ANY hope of this capturing any of the magic of the original.

Their stories are told. No where left to go but a happily ever after with a satisfying ending off in the sunset.

I have no problem with remakes and reboots, and dont even mind a sequel if the story has room for it. But when there is nothing to sequel off of, its just desperate money grabbing.

I think its great that this film did so well, and that these guys are getting work because of it… but I will have to see what they intend to do with these guys before I consider getting hyped up about a sequel.

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