Shutter Island Superbowl Spot Online

The good people over at Paramount have decided to release their coveted Superbowl spot for Shutter Island days before the big event and we have it right here

Now typically these releases are a big deal and the trailers are well hidden, but I can see why they let this one fly early. There is nothing in this TV spot that we haven’t already seen in the full trailer online.

Still. I want to see this something awful.

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5 thoughts on “Shutter Island Superbowl Spot Online

  1. Is that Deniro in the trailer as that creepy inmate?


    Marty is the LIVING LEGEND.

    and Caprio is his “new” Deniro.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT for this movie! Rodney, you’re not concerned over the fact that Shutter Island was pushed back until now? Hopefully the movie is great and was only shuffled around to get out of the way of all the Oscar-bait movies and JC’s blue cat-people.

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