Patrick Stewart would do Star Trek Cameo

While creating then dismissing rumours about himself in his appearance at a Trek Convention in Australia, Patrick Stewart also swatted down other potential Trek projects like a Next Generation Animated series saying he wouldn’t do voice work for it if they did make one saying the actors of TNG “have moved on” and the “story has been told” and “the work stands on its own.”

But could he be making an appearance in the upcoming Star Trek reboot franchise? He says he would love to be involved. But who wouldn’t? The franchise died off so any opportunity to get a gig post humously has to be appealing – especially when its ressurection is this big.

TrekMovie shares:

He said that he really liked the work that Leonard Nimoy did in the film and then offered the following without being asked about it:

“If I was asked to do a guest role, like Leonard, in the new film, I would do that. They’re a fabulously talented group of individuals.”

This is both the good and bad of the new Star Trek reboot. They made a clean break from all that came before while still respecting the origins. Like saying “we had a good run, but its over now and we are doing something different”.

They can’t fall back on what happened before, and having cameos from previous characters might be a nod to the remnant Trek fanbase survivors (which barely outnumber Titanic survivors) but they can’t really do it “like Leonard” because he is the only one who ever gets to play his own character again.

But if they got Stewart to make a brief cameo as his own great great grandfather or something, that would be a fun nod. Maybe referencing that his hairline runs in the family. But he could never really play a significant role.

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13 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart would do Star Trek Cameo

  1. Stewart could play any character, he doesn’t even need to be related to his old one. I for one would just love to see him in the universe again.

  2. Or the guy who played Wesly Crusher as he turned into a Time Traveller.Or you could always have a really old Scott Bakula enterprise being before this although not too sure on the time line.

    Either way the new movie will probably be just as good however i doubt there would be any Patrick Stewert cameo

    1. They made a reference to Bakula’s character in the movie. When Scotty talks about the dog he transported, that hasn’t reappeared. It’s Admiral Archer’s dog which is the character that Bakula played, just advanced in rank.

  3. I think.
    I contemplate.

    And I say…no.

    The only two characters from TNG that could possibly show up is John De Lancie’s Q (without calling himself Q) or Worf (but *only* if the powers that be remade the episode ‘Trouble With Tribbles’- then we we could have Worf and other DS9 crew in easter egg cameos, but that’s unlikely )
    As it is, I don’t want another Time Travel story, even if they dust off The Guardian Of Forever.

  4. If you read the graphic novel that is a prequel to the new Star Trek film you will see that his opportunity for a cameo has come and gone.

    Next Gen characters were heavily involved in the prequel and had they tacked it on to the start of the film it would have been AMAZING!!!!

  5. I’ll bet he would do VO work for a Star Trek animated series. The dude does American Dad, and pretty much everything offered to him. This usually makes actors seem desperate and kind of lame, but he has the opposite effect. Anything he is in instantly gets more awesome.

    1. my woops! Hate to lose patrick in the X-men too. It will be interesting to see who they get to replase him. Not Michael Rosenbaum!

  6. That’s the problem changing the timeline and nullifying all previous work, they can do anything they want because there is no longer any cannon to say otherwise…

    1. Yeah, I don’t see that as a “problem” at all.

      If anything that movie saved the franchise giving it at very least HOPE of moving forward without completely ignoring the previous franchises.

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