Jolie says No Wanted 2 – She Wants Gravity

Looks like all that speculation over Wanted 2 and Jolie being involved are now pointless as she has walked on the project. Not because she thinks it will suck or anything, but because Universal woudln’t greenlight another project she is involved in.

JoBlo says:

Angelina Jolie has dealt Universal a double whopper this week: she’s officially backed out of the in-development WANTED sequel and she’s leaving and taking her sci-fi thriller with her. Jolie had been in talks with the studio to star in GRAVITY, a thriller that was written and would be directed by Oscar-nominee Alfonso Cuaron But the studio felt the project was too expensive for something so creatively challenging that they let the project go. Cuaron took the project to Warner Bros. where they’ll produce it alongside Legendary Pictures.

Well I am leaving and I am taking my Scattegories with me!!

Harsh blow to Universal. Jolie must have really wanted this Gravity to happen so badly that she walked out on Wanted 2. I suspected that Wanted 2 was going to be a prequel in order to include Jolie as the ending of Wanted suggests she wouldnt be involved in a continuing storyline.

Wanted was a fine movie that I enjoyed more than I thought I would, but it stands alone just fine. I wonder if Universal will do Wanted 2 without her?

I am curious to see what she does with Gravity. But I hope they give her a sammich or two before filming. That sexy vixen is looking less attractive with that whole “let me show you my bones” look.

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7 thoughts on “Jolie says No Wanted 2 – She Wants Gravity

  1. This has made my day.
    I hated Wanted. Nearly every stinking minute of it. (I liked the train sequence, not just for the action of it but because it actually made sense as to to why they had to “stop” Wesley- but instead, they ignore the rule they made up and make it a conspiracy. Yawn.

    If this stuff moves forward then it does without Jolie. A prequel is pointless, considering the events of the first film.. The role could also be recast.

    ….Halle Berry perhaps?

  2. I’m major dissapointed that Jolie won’t be in wanted 2(if it still happens).I didn’t know if the film was a prequel or sequel but i figure it would be somewhat along the lines of what cloud720 said,that Jolie survives with that spa healer.

    Wanted wont’ be the same without her.

  3. I dont know, I got tired in the opening sequence with the Matrix Rip Off scene.(where the guy crashes thru the buildings glass window in Matrix slo-mo)killed the excitment for me through-out the rest of the flick.that and she looked ill in that one.

    Throw-away fun. but felt like I’ve seen it all before.

    1. That’s the problem with innovative technique’s like The Matrix slow-mo, it was new and cool when The Matrix came out, ever since then any film that uses it now is regarded as ripping it off or even being a bit boring.

      Will a new Smurf’s movie be classified as ripping off Avatar!


  4. I read somewhere that they were going to use that healing spa that they had. People have survived bullets to the head without them, with one shouldn’t be too far fetched.

  5. I didn’t have much hope for Wanted 2, the first kinda took everyone by storm and those are the best kinda movies.

    I didn’t really believe that they should have involved Jolie in the 2nd film anyhow. Considering they were making a prequel just to include her? Just glad its been shelved now.

  6. That is crazy. How could she just walk like that? I understand her disappointment over Gravity, but couldn’t she have worked something out with Warner Bros.?

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