Chris Pine Leads Captain America Rumours

There is a strong rumour spreading across the intarwebz today that Chris Pine is leading the consideration list for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America.

At first, I was thinking he was a bit too small, but I would sooner see this played by an actor than a professional wrestler (not actor) and Pine is actually in fine shape.

FilmSchool Rejects gives some reasons why this could actually happen

This is wholly unsurprising news, for the following reasons:

1. Chris Pine has a growing relationship with Paramount (Star Trek, the impending sequel, Carriers, The Art of Making Money (2011) and the next Jack Ryan movie (2012) are all Paramount properties.)
2. He is young, white, athletic and charismatic.
3. He’s recognizable enough to affect box office, but unknown enough to not have too much baggage.
4. He’s probably still working pretty cheap, despite being the new Capt. Kirk.

After letting all that sink in on top of seeing him in my head in the scale mail red-white-and blues, I think I am able to wrap my head around that.

Can you picture Pine as Kirk? I know he isn’t as “massive” as people assume he will be, but he is a solid actor, and the reasons above make me think this could even happen. I wouldn’t have considered him before, but I am fine if this comes to pass.

If this does happen, Pine will be playing alongside the man who portrayed his character’s father in Star Trek. Chris Hemsworth is Thor.

Joe Johnston has said he will cast Cap before the end of February… could this be it?

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