Chris Pine Leads Captain America Rumours

There is a strong rumour spreading across the intarwebz today that Chris Pine is leading the consideration list for the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America.

At first, I was thinking he was a bit too small, but I would sooner see this played by an actor than a professional wrestler (not actor) and Pine is actually in fine shape.

FilmSchool Rejects gives some reasons why this could actually happen

This is wholly unsurprising news, for the following reasons:

1. Chris Pine has a growing relationship with Paramount (Star Trek, the impending sequel, Carriers, The Art of Making Money (2011) and the next Jack Ryan movie (2012) are all Paramount properties.)
2. He is young, white, athletic and charismatic.
3. He’s recognizable enough to affect box office, but unknown enough to not have too much baggage.
4. He’s probably still working pretty cheap, despite being the new Capt. Kirk.

After letting all that sink in on top of seeing him in my head in the scale mail red-white-and blues, I think I am able to wrap my head around that.

Can you picture Pine as Kirk? I know he isn’t as “massive” as people assume he will be, but he is a solid actor, and the reasons above make me think this could even happen. I wouldn’t have considered him before, but I am fine if this comes to pass.

If this does happen, Pine will be playing alongside the man who portrayed his character’s father in Star Trek. Chris Hemsworth is Thor.

Joe Johnston has said he will cast Cap before the end of February… could this be it?

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73 thoughts on “Chris Pine Leads Captain America Rumours

  1. Yeah enough of Tatum already, He’s pretty awful and should find a home on straight to DVD releases like Steven Segal and Westley Snipes. wait a minute, at least Westley, Steven and Cuba Gooding can act or have proven themselves worthy at one time. What has this log of wood proven to us?

  2. I want Channing Tatum for the Steve Rogers/Captain America role. He’s proven that he’s a go to guy in G.I. Joe:Rise of Cobra. I don’t see why Tatum can’t be Cap. What do u think Rodney?

    1. To reiterate what Matt says there, my issue would be that he can’t act very well. Tatum is good for roles like GI Joe where he isnt required to do much acting as much as look the part.

      Tatum would make a good Cap Poster, but his acting chops couldn’t keep up with RDJ or Bale.

      1. No. The poor guy cant act.

        And he always looks STUPID. His eyes are all droopy as if he never slept, he looks like a lazy bum… and he talks like a retard. UGH! Its so painful to fucking look at him.

        Even the way he stands makes me gag, i cant stand him.

  3. I think everyone is missing the point with the “white” argument; he’s your typical mid-western, all-american, 50s boy type and therefore a pretty good example of Captain America. If he’s Paramount’s new golden boy, I’m totally OK with that (plus I won’t mind seeing him everywhere).

    Also, THANK YOU, no more wrestlers as “actors” please!! The Rock has enough charm to make it work, but John Cena just makes my stomach hurt. He even manages to ruin perfectly good shows like “Psych” because all you see is Cena (ironically enough, since his whole slogan is “you can’t C me”) the personality. Even if there was acting prowess somewhere in there, it would get lost in the muscles.

    1. No, they made it clear they wanted an ACTOR who could hold his own with Robert Downey Jr.

      Cena is not an actor. He is a wrestler that stars in movies made by a wresting organization.

  4. People are getting too wrapped up in the Physical aspect of all this but the other factors are waaay more important in my opinion.

    He can act, hes marketable, he has a good look, he may be cheap.

    You can build a movie around all of this I mean people thought Tom Cruise was believable in action movies and he is smaller than all of his castmates.

    Its all about how it is shot and Chris can play a brash youth that struggles with all that is layed on him and finding his place in the world during a war and his powers.

    He was my number 1 choice when we did these mock castings and I am happy this is shaping up.

  5. I’d say Chris Pine is way better as Bucky Barnes than being Steve Rogers/Captain America. Why? he looks like Bucky. And Bucky’s a young guy, whilst Cap is in his late 30s. So I think having Pine playing Cap is not right at this time… What do u think Rodney?

    1. Cap may be illustrated as late 30s NOW, but this is his origin story and Avengers will take place right after it.

      Rogers joined the super soldier program after being rejected by the army for being a weakling. He did this when he was old enough to enlist.

      Cap will be relatively young, and not some aged experienced soldier. He struggles with acceptance as a leader due to his age as a big part of his theme.

      1. Taylor Lautner for Captain America. He is young enough to play someone going off to war for the first time, and he has the build. He is only 5’10.5″ but Chris Pine is only a inch and a half taller.

  6. A couple of better suggestions instead of Chris Pine:

    1)Chad Michael Murray- I will admit I have seen 2 movies with this dude and he is an unknown. And the way he pulled off a ‘semi-depressed’ yet ‘badass’ character with so little to work with in House of Wax was quite impressive.

    2) Timothy Olyphant- It is arguable if he is an unknown or not. But he sure would be awesome.

    3) Paul Walker- He has been in lots of shit but if he is given a good script, he can always pull it off. Watch ‘Running Scared’ or ‘The Lazarus Project’.

    4) Shawn Ashmore- Appeared in this years ‘Frozen’. He was also Iceman of the X-Men franchise.

    5) Ben Foster- Just watch his movies, especially ‘Pandorum’ and you’ll know what I mean. Although he has the chops but physically…..I dont know.

    Heck, even Channing Tatum would be better.

    All in my opinion though.

  7. I say it is a darn good rumor, and I believe it. Let me put it this way, for all to understand, I believe Pine is in the running, his name is in the hat and he will be considered.

    Do I think he’ll be Rogers? No.

    It has nothing to do with talent or the debate whether or not he is known/unknown. That’s like saying Jeremy Renner is an unknown, but now that he was the lead in one hit film (and now an Oscar nominee) he’s no longer an ‘unknown’ in some eyes, even though technically, he still is. I would be surprised if he wasn’t considered, actually. But the same argument applies to Pine. He’s know “known” but still “unknown”. Could it be fair to say he’s on the map?

    It has nothing to do with his look or lack thereof.

    Here’s why I think Pine won’t take it- and I’ll give two reasons.

    1- Chris Pine was Captain Kirk in Star Trek.
    It has nothing to do with another Trek actor cast as Thor, and the two actors work together in Avengers sometime down the turnpike, Norton or no Norton. That’s got nothing to do with it. It does, however, have something to with the similarities with both Kirk and Steve Rogers.

    Yes, you heard me right. That wasn’t a typo. Think about the Avengers. Captain America’s leadership was often second guessed, he was sometimes in conflict with his teammates, sometimes disrespected, yet, in times of chaos and mayhem, he was the guy that could always be counted on. In last year’s Star Trek, Pine played Kirk. Kirk didn’t like to lose. He was also second guessed, in conflict with Spock, disrespected, yet, in times of mayhem, he was the guy that wound up saving the day.

    Now, isn’t that, in essence, the same? We won’t see that in the solo hero film, but we might see it in Avengers. I’m NOT suggesting this a huge concern. But it IS one of them.

    2- Availability.
    If Pine says he’ll do it, that means this film, Avengers, and maybe Captain II if it ever gets to that. As pointed out, he has Star Trek, and quite possibly, Jack Ryan. He is also looking at non related franchise pictures too. If anything, this would be the key factor. If he agrees to this, he won’t have time to slow down for a cup of water during this small marathon.

    I’m not suggesting he won’t be good in the part if cast. Do not misunderstand me. I’m simply saying it’s another Green Lantern situation. He may be up for it but he won’t get the part.

    1. Super good point about availability. Pine is going to be crazy busy in the near future and I’m not sure he’ll be able to fit the Marvel Films in.

      Someone like… oh I don’t know, Jensen Ackles with a show coming to a close and nothing on his slate after that would be perfect.

    2. I agree with your second point and overall conclusion — as much as he’s in the running, he’s still probably not going to get/accept the part. However, as for your first point, I disagree with at least your reasons. You listed plot points, not personality. As for people looking up to him to ‘save the day,’ isn’t that what heroes in hero movies do?

      I know next to nothing about Captain America — for all I know, he could be similar to Kirk — but not because people second guess him (plot), but look at him to save the day (common in all hero-type movies). Furthermore, if they are similar characters, it would be only more the reason to cast Pine. Contrary to common wisdom, type-cast characters in the biz tend to get more roles, not less ;p

    3. Darren:
      I have to disagree with you on both points. I see very few similarities in Cap and Kirk. Cap is characterized as the consummate leader. Cap is the guy that if he tells you it’s going to work out you believe him he’s Cap and you always know that he’s going to do the right thing. Kirk on the other hand is the rebel, usually flying in the face of authority. Were Cap and Kirk to work to together they’d probably be at odds most of the time. The only Avenger that I can remember really challenging Cap’s leadership was Hawkeye back in the 70’s. Hawkeye is also the Avenger that most reminds me of Kirk. He’s high-strung, headstrong and impetuous, a hero in his own right but the exact opposite of Cap.
      As far as availability goes, have you looked at RDJ’s schedule of movies for the next few years? Iron Man 3. Poe, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes 2. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Norton is busy as well. Schedules can be worked out.

  8. I disagree with you Rodney- In todays Hollywood Pike is A-LIST. Star Trek and Jack Ryan are BIG properties. Yes, the general public may not know his name by heart but never the less he is an A-lister.
    Those two properties alone will buy him a pretty nice house and get him all the women he can handle.LOL- Plus he will costar along side Denzel Washington in the action film Unstoppable. Im sure he would get $10 mil if he was cast as Capt America with a great option for a sequel.


    1. sounds decent.

      but some of you guys are saying that hollywood doesn’t have the RIGHT person to act the part of cap AND be massive. like the two don’t go together or you wind up with a wrestler. not so.
      Brad Pitt muscled out for his role in Troy; Butler and the guys beefed out for 300. So i dont see why the person they choose has to be beefed up right off the bat.

      Ackles can be put through bootcamp and at the end he’ll have the face of cap once the make up is done. and he has the nerd look if needed, which im presuming rogers had before.

      too many people will relate pine to star trek, which will lead to assumptions.

      and have you seen tom welling? the guy is JACKED. no reason why they cant find someone like him for the role.

      1. Tom welling has a frame, but his muscles aren’t too defined. I’m sure he could get into good shape in about a month if he wanted to.

      2. Yeah I think choosing a wrestler type just for the physique is totally the wrong move. Like you said there are tons of actors that have gone from a modest physique to a superhero quality physique in a few months- and at the end still had the acting to back them up.

        For example, Christian Bale went from the machinist where he lost 63 pounds for the role and looked like a skeleton to Batman Begins where he was fighting shirtless and looked jacked as hell.

    2. Well, I would be ok with either Sam or Dean as Cap. Jared Padalecki has actually come into his own this year on Supernatural. Dean was always my favorite of the two, but just recently Sam is kinda turnin into a badass on the show. Dean has always been more popular because the writing for Sam has him as the compassionate one….. well you get my point.

      Chris Pine doesn’t sound like a horrible choice to me, I guess will have to see how it shakes out.

  9. Is Channing Tatum in the running?

    He hasn’t impress me as an actor but when I think American soldier, he is the first actor to come to mind.

  10. That’s my worry. Wolfman’s gettin’ hammered.

    But again , there just reviews, still going to see it and make my own assestment. That or I’ll wait for Rodney

  11. I could deal with it. Not my first choice, or anywhere in the realm of what I was expecting, but it could be decent.
    I just pray the problems with Johnston’s last film won’t be carried over. I doubt it, but still.

  12. Casting must be hard to do. Seems like once an actor is found likeable they put him in everything. i.e. Shia Labeouf and Ryan Reynolds.

    I prefer unknowns in new franchises. I didn’t like seeing Sylar as Spock and I’d rather not see Chris Pine in another blockbuster franchise. Oh he’ll pull it off just fine. But can’t they find someone who really is unknown to make the role his own? Is it really that hard? Must be.

    You guys might be able to get captain kirk out of your minds while watching captain america. But I know it will bug me.

      1. Two different companies hold the rights so Deadpool and Captain America won’t ever exist in the same movie world. Just like Green Lantern will never cross paths with Deadpool, Deadpool will never cross paths with Captain America

      2. Well to be more accurate, Deadpool’s rights are with Fox, and Cap is with Marvel Films. That the two would never meet is simply an issue of the studios working together. Won’t happen, but still a simple barrier there.

        Unlike your comparison of Green Lantern and Deadpool never having to meet because one is in DC Comics and the other is in Marvel… which will NEVER meet on film for any reason.

  13. I would interested to see if Pine were selected how he would Potray Cap onscreen. Cap has a natual leadership that everyone around him will listen and will follow him anywhere he goes. I’m sure when he started out he had some issues but what Stever Rogers had was a huge heart and sense of justice which is why he was chosen for the Super Soldier program. If Pine is selected I hope they do show the young cap figuring out how to lead soldiers into battle and be an iconic figure of patriotism for America. Pine may not have the physique to play Cap but not many actors do, but I’m sure they can get him buffed out to fill out the role somebit and not have to use some type of suit like they did with Vinnie Jones in XMEN 3.

  14. If it does happen, this will be THE horrible casting of the decade imo.

    I love Pine, he was great in Carriers and Star Trek but as Cap? Fuck no!

    There was a rumour about Chad Michael Murray being the Cap and I would’ve liked that.

      1. I dont even know a show with that name exists. Im saying that judging by his performance in House of Wax. I love Pine but I just dont see him as Cap.


    Just because theyre related in Star Trek means nothing. Theyre ACTORS not Star Fleet Cadets, UGH.

    I always have to emphasize the word ACTOR because people keep forgetting what the word actually means.

    I doubt this is true, Johnston said hes going with an unknown, this is just a rumor that got out of control

    1. Unknown, can easily be translated to “relative unknown” and while Pine has been in plenty of stuff, he isn’t A list – yet.

      Also, Johnston’s conditions are not set in stone and while he is considering an unknown, if he is presented with a viable option that works for his vision, I doubt he would be sticking to his guns and tossing it aside saying “but he has to be unknown”

      Lucas once said that he was going to make the prequel trilogy with a cast of complete unknowns like he did with Star Wars. Most of that cast was at least reasonably known at that point.

      1. I thought that when he said “Im going with an unknown” he had already made up his mind, and knew his choice was pretty unknown.

        What youre suggesting is that when he said it he didnt make his mind up yet, in THAT CASE- then yes, things could certainly change.

        Either way- i think Pine is a fantastic candidate, and in my opinion he fits the bill perfectly.

        AND remember, is Chris Pine considered a relatively unknown? Some could make the argument that he’s no Tom Cruise. Maybe when he said “unknown” he meant “Not Brad Pitt”

        In that case, Chris Pine falls under the “unknown” list

  16. I would be disappointed in this casting. He is ‘young and hip’ but doesn’t fi the physical specs (size) of Cap. What part of Super Soldier do they not understand? Dude needs to look like he could crush people, not an average dude that works out. Plus acting wise he didn’t impress me in Star Trek at all. Hemsworth would have been better.

    1. No one physically meets the physical aspect Cap is typically drawn with. Pine is as big as Routh was, and that guy got to play SUPERMAN.

      The super soldier serum made him irrationally strong, not just top notch for a bodybuilder. He doesn’t have to have muscles coming out his ass like he was drawn by Liefeld.

      And Hemsworth is Thor…

      1. Yea but Routh wasn’t big enough to play the Superman IMO.

        I may be wrong but I believe Bryan Singer said Superman didnt need to be huge because his strenght isnt based on how in shape he is. The same does not apply for Captain America

    2. I’ve only seen Routh in Superman and Zack and Miri, but in both movies the guy looked huge. Not really muscle wise, but a big frame. IDK if it was an effect or what, but he had legs the size of tree trunks in Superman. I suppose they could do something similiar with Pine if need be.
      And, yes, I know Hemsworth is playing Thor, but wouldn’t it of been cool to cast him as Cap and cast someone like Skaarsgard (sp) as Thor?
      No, wait, I got it … Ryan Reynolds.

      1. There’s a 40 year old Iron man and a 40 year old Bruce Banner.

        I just want someone that hold there own in scenes with Robert Downey Jr, and Ed Nortan

      2. And Banner and Iron Man were both characters in their adulthood.

        Cap was a young army recruit submitted to the Super Soldier project to become Cap. He is frozen in ice in his early 20s, and revived to lead the Avengers.

        Many of the struggles Cap faces early in his career are because he was so young and given a leadership position.

        Pine has the chops. He can hold his own with these guys.

      3. tom welling was 27 i believe (could be wrong) when he started playing an 18 year old clark kent in smallville.
        the make up artists in urban’s case will deal with it… and if cruise, who is 47 can still hop on cars and do his own scenes, i dont see how a 40 year old urban can’t manage the part

      4. Smallvile started when Clark was in 9th grade. So if Tom Welling was 24. He was 24 playing a 14 year old. And 28 playing a 18 year old.

        When the show first started I was like this guy must be a senior. But he went back to the same school for the next 3 seasons.

  17. Boone? from lost? he’s too of a pretty boy for the role even though he is somewhat jacked.
    And Jackson will remind everyone too much of what a hack he is and is mighty duck days. can’t picture it.
    the role needs some rugged and beefy… someone who intimidates the hell out of you and has a presence.
    i.e.: buddy who played Kirk’s father and the thought-to-be-villain in A Perfect Getaway
    i.e.: buddy who played Agent 47 in Hitmen and the thought-to-be-villain in A Perfect Getaway
    i.e.: Brad Pitt, potentially

  18. How about the guy that played Boone in Lost? Or Joshua Jackson (Peter on Fringe)? I think they fit too (also they’re all guys from things J.J. Abrams has done).

    1. JJ Alumns is not the consideration. Pine is being speculated because of his relationship with Paramount, not JJ Abrams.

      Jackson is a nice thought, though not who I would expect to see, and Ian Somerhalder is a prettyboy best suited for a Vampire role. He isn’t that charismatic.

      1. I know Abrams isn’t doing anything with it (but wouldn’t it be great if he was!), but I thought it was interesting that the guys I thought of for the role (including Pine) were in something that had to do with JJ. Is there any one else that fits? One person who I thought of very early on was Hayden Christenson (sp?) who if you didn’t know was Anakin Skywalker in the new movies.

    1. Wow, some people really are hung up on the “White” thing. I doubt there was any chance that Cap would have been played by anything but a white actor. He’s been white for 70 years in the comics. Why would that change now?

      1. There was talk of making Will Smith Captain America. If Smith pursued it, there’s a good chance he would get the role. Putting Will Smith in a action movie will almost guarantee you 200 million at the box office. For the studio it would make sense.

      2. I remember reading about that, but I never took it serious. Especially since the talk was before a script was written or a director was hired. Will Smith’s name is thrown around whenever a action movie is announced. Much like Brad Pitt and Johnnie Depp. Even though there was a storyline in the comics involving the testing of the Super Soldier serum on black soldiers I really doubt that any real consideration was ever given to making Smith Captain America. Marvel has worked really hard to bringing their comics book characters to life. I don’t think they’d risk a major change like making Captain America black.

    2. lol i didnt like the rumor about will smith leading this film, but because i hate when they change continuity between comics and film, i hope this is what you ment, other wise yikes!

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