Cheadle thinks Marvel wouldn’t go for War Machine Spinoff Film

War Machine has been set up properly by first introducing Rhodey in the first film and even hinting “next time” when he was checking out the prototype armour. But as big of a character as War Machine will be for Iron Man 2, Cheadle doesn’t think that Marvel would ever go for a War Machine spinoff. But that’s not what Bob Layton (creator of War Machine) says.

Worst Previews quotes Bob Layton:

“There’s always the possibility that if [Iron Man 2] does well, it can spin-off,” he stated. “Because obviously there’s a different character and a different motivation with War Machine than there is with Tony Stark.”

Now during an interview with Wizard magazine, Don Cheadle said that not only has nobody spoken to him about a War Machine spin-off, but he believes that Marvel will likely never go for it.

“People have asked but no one [in authority] has mentioned [the spin-off] as something that’s happening,” he said. “Hopefully, if [Iron Man 2] does well, there will be another [Iron Man film] with the same people. But there won’t be a [War Machine] spin-off.”

Someone needs to get these kids together to chat. Clearly they don’t see this playing out the same, and while neither of them is for or against it, it seems there is some talking that needs to be done. But I imagine Layton – being creator of the character – would always be positive when talking about his character.

I am looking forward to seeing Cheadle in the role. And I would be up for a War Machine spinoff film as well. Someone get these guys a lunch date!

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11 thoughts on “Cheadle thinks Marvel wouldn’t go for War Machine Spinoff Film

  1. too early for spin-off talk. but of course the creators pumped cause he’ll reap the benefits.

    I’m cool either way.

    Cheadles is da man!

    1. Agreed. By then we would be able to see where a War Machine spin-off would fit in with this Marvel Movie Universe if they decide to do it.

      But personally I think he works best as a supporting character for either just Iron Man or The Avengers, not really as a stand alone.

  2. Man, tough call. Right now, I’d have to go by what we know thus far. There are no spinoff plans for War Machine. Would I mind a spinoff film? Yes. War Machine is just another version of Iron Man. . War Machine should stick to Iron Man and/or Avengers films. There might be wiggle room for a version of The Crew, but that’s the only remote possibility I can see. O.N. E. (Office of National Emergency) could also be retooled, but given the X Men connections, that’s even more remote.

  3. What could work is a semi spinoff set between Ironman two and Ironman three. Tony wouldn’t put on the suit the whole movie he’d just be an alcoholic, while Warmachine did all the superhero work.

  4. If this were to happen I would hope that it is WAY WAY down the road I mean like 5-7 yrs down the road because we don’t want to run the risk of over saturation.

    I don’t think there needs to be a war machine movie but that is just me. I love the character and think he always served best working along side Tony.

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