Beckinsale confirmed for Underworld 3D – Mostly

Kate Beckinsale would get my vote for ANY role, but certainly for a role that puts her back in her terribly sexy leather digs from Underworld. So to find out she is confirmed for Underworld 3D (third in her story, fourth film including the Prequel) I was encouraged.

However it seems that she doesn’t want to do it, and is trying to get her involvement reduced.

Bloody Disgusting shares:

Kate Beckinsale will in fact be starring in Underworld 3D, assuming she can’t work her way out of the deal. What do I mean? Well, sources tell us she’s trying to find a way out of the film — or at least have a smaller role in order to “pass the torch” to one of her kindred

While I would always be up for seeing Kate Beckinsale back in the leather tights and kicking ass, perhaps it is time for her to pass the franchise on to someone else. Her story is told and if there is going to be anything interesting coming out of this franchise, they need to move forward.

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11 thoughts on “Beckinsale confirmed for Underworld 3D – Mostly

  1. Wasnt it kinda sorta implied at the end of 2 she was pregnant? So how is her story told? Unless her small role is her giving birth then dying. I want more Beckinsale in tight leather dammit!

  2. I want her to return but IF she isn’t interested then there is a chance that she will suck in it so….NO.

    Scarlett Johansson should get a major role, I’m just sayin’, I know it will never happen. And if it does happen then I’ll probably die of heart attack or something.

  3. I wonder if she will soon catch a case of Vin Diesel, meaning she will realize that the most success she has had are from these movies and will want to make them again. I mean what else is she going to do, make whiteout two?

  4. No man either Kate or no one, I mean did you see her in that indian costume from Click (OMG) I mean that chick from the Ali G movie/Prequal was good but she is dead now so kill the franchise and move on.

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