WB Still Eyeing Jackie Earle Hayley for Green Lantern’s Sinestro

While I was originally behind the rumour that Hugo Weaving might play Sinestro in the Green Lantern movie, it seems that the top guy on WB’s wishlist might be Jackie Earle Haley.

Fused Film says:

Now HitFix is reporting that Haley is the front-runner to play one of the main Green Lantern series characters Sinestro.

“And I’m hearing that based on the relationship they have with him from Watchmen and A Nightmare On Elm Street, Jackie Earle Haley is the only choice for Sinestro by the studio.”

The site also went on to say that Sinestro might not have a huge part in this film, but will set up future sequels where he will surely have a bigger role.

I think that Haley would be great in the role, and the more I hear that being tossed around the less I am able to see other people in the role.

I also like that they are setting up Sinestro as a Lantern and have no intentions of making him the primary badguy. Perhaps he can have a bit of a run in with the new Lantern establishing that he doesn’t like Hal, but make it a glorified cameo so when they inevitably make a sequel, we can have a full on Green vs Yellow battle when Sinestro is banished and returns with a Yellow Lantern ring.

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15 thoughts on “WB Still Eyeing Jackie Earle Hayley for Green Lantern’s Sinestro

  1. Awesome, I would love to see him in this role. He was so good in Watchmen as Rorschach. For me the dude just completely came out of left field and blew me away.

    I also like the idea of them just setting Sinestro up for this one, then having him build up in the sequels. It always bugs me when they just kill off the best villains so easily comic book movies, just when we’re getting to see how awesome they are on film. And it can be even harder when you know character from the comics very well and know that they can be so much better then that.

    So glad Joker didn’t get killed off in Dark Knight, except, well you know.

    1. Two Face is still plausible as you know. As there’s no mention in the movie especially beetwen Batman and Gordon that he’s dead, they’re implying that his white knight persona is dead/tarnished, and that the public better off not knowing it. So Batman will take the heat instead.

      1. @”As there’s no mention in the movie especially beetwen Batman and Gordon that he’s dead”

        The director has already confirmed that he is in fact DEAD. Sure, they can bring him back saying, that Gordon and Batman are hiding him Arkham, but it would be nothing more than an cheap cop-out.

      2. Its been REPEATEDLY said that TwoFace is in fact dead. There is no doubt. It was implied strongly in the movie, and the producers and director have all said this is FACT.


  2. I think it will be awesome if they incorporate the “Training Day” vibe in this Green Lantern movie or maybe with its subsequent sequels, by having Sinestro in the Denzel Washington/mentor mode and Hal Jordan being the rookie GL.

  3. I’m torn; I think Hugo would be awesome, but Hayley was awesome in Watchmen. I’ve been less impressed with the way that Hugo plays characters as of late, and with Sinestro I wouldn’t want to see another “Agent Smith”, which it seems tends to be how each character is played. Hugo has teh physical presence, but I think Hayley is the better fit for the character.

  4. I’d still think the fanboys’ overwhelming first choice will be Hugo Weaving for the Sinestro role.
    Hands down, Weaving can pull this role off, with his theater background plus his previous action-oriented roles as Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogy.

  5. Remember though, Sinestro was one of Hal’s trainers first, and then when he took Hal to his home planet, Hal saw what a despot he was in subjugating the people he swore to protect, Hal basically defeated him there, and turned him into the Guardians, which is the start of “Evil Sinestro” which is why if they do have him, IMHO, make him as the mentor/teacher here, so he can “turn” evil next movie.

  6. im fine with this i just dont want it to just be a cameo i want a good supporting role but we will wait and see what they are thinking

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