‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’ Trailer Online

Color me not impressed by the trailer. I loved the first Wall Street, hell who didn’t? The music in the trailer kind of sucked, Gordon’s character… Well never mind just watch it

Thoughts? Did it feel like Gordon was a has been? When he was getting his stuff from prison, it reminded me of ‘Worm’ from rounders when he got out. Although the cell phone thing was kind of funny.

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16 thoughts on “‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’ Trailer Online

  1. What’s wrong with it?

    The ideas put forward are:

    1) Gordon Gekko has been in jail for 22 years. He is somewhat of a changed man, and not so much as a bad guy in the film. Still, you don’t want to step on his toes.

    2) The old cell phone joke is funny alright. But look again at the reaction. He’s embarrassed to get it back. But this stakes a tech challenge for the character, and given the situation, makes him something of an underdog. Just before the dinosaur phone, one of his items is an empty money clip. Unless he had a hidden bank account somewhere, he’s also broke. But this *is* Gekko we are seeing, so again, it is a character obstacle. This all is nothing but huge pluses instead of minuses… even if he did not completely change

    So, Brock, when you say ‘has been’, you make it sound like a bad thing. Yes, Gekko will be a bit out of his element- but for how long? He may or may not understand some high tech, but he still can see younger versions of himself around Wall Street, and thus might have a wisdom advantage, and can predict some behaviors. It is also strongly implied that he will help the character played by Shia LaBouf if said character helps him a little bit.

    I completely get the trailer.

    As for some of the music in the trailer. It’s temp music, and I can’t say for sure if the tune will be in the final film or not. The name of the tune is “Ricochet” by the electronica band Shiny Toy Guns. It’s very appropriate.

    1. Ya you make good points. Guess I was expecting a bit more. Then again, this is just a ‘teaser’ trailer. I liked Gordon as “The Man” not some has been. Reminding me of when Megatron had to bow down to The Fallen.

  2. What? Shia Lebouf didn’t say “NO NO NO NO NO NO” ;)

    The trailer looked like a pile of shit but I’m still going to see it cause Gordon Gecko is one of my all time fave movie characters.

  3. I’m really pumped for this movie!

    This being said, the trailer is borderline horrible. I’ll certainly still see it, being a huge fan of the original. But there’s no way this would convince me to spend the money on it otherwise. Gekko was one of the greatest characters of all time – he looks all washed up here.

    Disclaimer: Keep in mind this is just a teaser.

  4. I love this trailer. This movie just shot up even higher on my must-see list than it already was. I love Oliver Stone and am eager to to see this sequel to one of his best films to date.

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