Updated: A-Team Trailer Online

A less bootleggy version of the A-Team Trailer has made its way on the net an even single day after we shared the less clear version that was leaked yesterday.

So in case you are having a hard time finding the blurry one, or just want to see it in its clean HD version… here it is:

I am just in love with the nostalgia factor here. The narrative trailer is just like the opening credits – almost word for word. The VAN!! A montage scene of them welding a war machine of some sort MacGyver style! I love it when a plan comes together! And seeing that they have to knock out BA before putting him on a plane is perfect. They are not just coining taglines, they are paying attention to the character idiosyncrasies as well.

I am actually digging that Rampage is not being MrT even though he looks a lot like him. The goudy pile of gold chains and “I pity da fool” is appropriate to leave out so that they can “have” a BA Baracus, but not have a Mr T. He still has some sassy ‘tude that is still the spirit of the character.

And Neeson IS a badass.

Everyone looks good in their roles, and the Tank’chute scene is plausibly impossible and adds to the fun.

I wonder if their aim will be better?

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