Green Lantern gets a Green Light

There are so many puns to play with a film called Green Lantern with the popular vernacular of a film getting a Green Light.

But it seems that although Green Lantern was a foregone conclusion, the film itself got its official permission to start from the studio just yesterday!

The Film Stage

Thanks to a blog post by Karen Goulekas, the visual effect supervisor of the upcoming film Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell, it is now official that the film was gotten a greenlight from Warner Brothers. Goulekas was quoted on her blog as saying in regards to the official go ahead:

And not a second too soon – only 10 weeks out from shooting!

I was totally surprised to hear this news. Everything that has been going on with Reynolds was so “in stone” that I had no idea that they hadn’t officially been given the go-ahead on this film.

I wonder just how much money is wasted in Hollywood on films that move forward, make commitments etc – and don’t get a green light?

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