Green Lantern gets a Green Light

There are so many puns to play with a film called Green Lantern with the popular vernacular of a film getting a Green Light.

But it seems that although Green Lantern was a foregone conclusion, the film itself got its official permission to start from the studio just yesterday!

The Film Stage

Thanks to a blog post by Karen Goulekas, the visual effect supervisor of the upcoming film Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell, it is now official that the film was gotten a greenlight from Warner Brothers. Goulekas was quoted on her blog as saying in regards to the official go ahead:

And not a second too soon – only 10 weeks out from shooting!

I was totally surprised to hear this news. Everything that has been going on with Reynolds was so “in stone” that I had no idea that they hadn’t officially been given the go-ahead on this film.

I wonder just how much money is wasted in Hollywood on films that move forward, make commitments etc – and don’t get a green light?

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12 thoughts on “Green Lantern gets a Green Light

  1. What do you guys think of R.R. as lantern boy?

    How about Dead Pool?

    Maybee its just me and I’m jealous he’s all up in Scarlet Johansons you know what, but I think he’s not up to par for these kind of roles.
    and he’s a little played out..

    any thoughts?

    1. Well Ryan Reynolds wasn’t my first choice for Hal Jordon, I think it was just DC Comics reaction to the popularity of the Iron Man character in the sense they wanted someone who was sarcastic and witty like RBJ.

      I dunno, Hal Jordon is really nothing like Ryan Reynolds personality. I think we all know what Hal Jordon is like…. hard nosed, take chances, flyboy turned superhero.

      Will have to see what RR can do, he is actually a half decent actor when given the chance. He was cast so long as the sarcastic delinquent college student people just forgot that he grew up.

      Keepin my fingers crossed!

  2. Great news, I am also tired of hearing Superman news. Its time for DC to support other franchises besides their big three of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

    Its been a long time coming and I will be excited to see a DC Superhero movie who isnt one of the big three!

    Bring it on already!

  3. Awesome, awesome indeed.

    I remember saying to myself a couple years ago that we would never get to see a Green Lantern movie made, at least not before probably 2020. Simply because WB takes eons to decide to even talk about making a DC comic character movie.

    And we’re pretty lucky to have even gotten one new Batman flick since the train wreck that was Batman & Robin. It even hurts inside just to type the name of that movie.

    Well it’s good to see that DC’s new found focus on DC character movies are making an impact after all.

    Can’t wait…

  4. now there’s real news! been tired of hearing about WB’s “plans to move superman in a new direction” for a while now.

  5. What a silly post.

    It is clear that Karen Goulekas was misread, and WB hadn’t “just given the green light” but rather that after months of prep, they are finally ready to begin filming. To read into this and question WB “just giving the go-ahead” is the dumbest thing I have read all week- on the part of the internet film community, not WB.

  6. Renolds……(still on fence with him being lead super-guy)

    only so much cute wise-cracking one can take..

    hope it rocks

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