Fin Fang Foom Easter Egg in Iron Man 2

Easter Eggs are that extra layer of entertainment in films, sometimes a nod to something outside the film like the director’s name as the author of a book on a shelf in the background, or sometimes they are directly related to the film, like seeing Captain America’s shield on Tony’s workbench in Iron Man.

Well a little egg has been revealed from the upcoming Iron Man 2. Classic villain and alien dragon Fin Fang Foom will be seen on a billboard.

Reelz Channel shares:

This was my design for Fin Fang Foom for the Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas book I was doing with Jon Favreau. But this image in particular was done for the [Iron Man 2] movie and used as a billboard in one of the scenes where Iron Man flies past it. It’s very quick, but Jon wanted to have a kind of a cool Easter egg in there.

I love these little hidden bits in films. And to see something as silly as Fin Fang Foom in a brief cameo is appropriate considering the goofy named dragon creature is actually an alien from Maklu who first came to earth in ancient China (spawning dragon legends) and later when the advanced spacecraft that he arrived in is found, there are ten rings of advanced technology that are stolen from it by the man who eventually becomes The Mandarin.

Will Fin Fang Foom make a bigger appearance in a later film? Doubtful, but at least there is a nod to the origin of the Ten Rings of Mandarin, even though they are likely to twist that origin story slightly.

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5 thoughts on “Fin Fang Foom Easter Egg in Iron Man 2

  1. Awesome. I was wondering if they were going to use him. Apparently not. Oh well.
    I’m going to let my supernerd out for just a second:
    Actually Rodney Fin Fang Foom came from the planet Maklu IV.

  2. Jon gets “it” man he knows fan service. You have to play the game, give fans things like this and they will become loyal to you so when you take your creative liberties and make the movie you want they will be on boards because they follow you. To quote Proximo Win the crowd and you will win your freedom. Directors of these type of films with followings need to take a que from Jon Fav and play to the damn crowd even a little because you can’t please everyone all the time but you sure as hell can distract them.

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