Fassbender, McGregor, Quaid and Douglas join Knockout

When I heard of the action spy movie Knockout starring MMA Gladiator Gina Carano, I didn’t pay much attention to it. It seemed like another action flick staring an athlete instead of an actor.

But the supporting cast was leaked by a “source” and if it is accurate, this sexy knockout lead has a LOT of support. Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Dennis Quaid and Michael Douglas all appear to have roles in this film and can add some meat to her potatoes.

The Playlist says:

When the action spy picture “Knockout” was first announced a few months ago, director Steven Soderbergh promised that the lead star, non-actress/ mixed martial arts champion Gina Carano would be surrounded by a name-recognizable cast of supporting talent and he wasn’t kidding.

Sources close to the project have confirmed to us that the principal cast members supporting Carano include Michael Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds,” “Hunger”), Ewan McGregor, Dennis Quaid and Michael Douglas.

I find it interesting that a film with a martial arts personality and athlete as its core star would be propped up by such an ensemble cast.

The tasty Gina Carano is no stranger to cameras with all her TV experience and the revival of American Gladiators – on which she plays Crush. But she is not what I would qualify as an actor. But her supporting cast sure qualifies.

This might have something to it yet!

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6 thoughts on “Fassbender, McGregor, Quaid and Douglas join Knockout

  1. Sounds awesome. One can only wonder at this point just what kind of action flick this will be with a cast like that. Can’t wait to see a trailer.

  2. While this does sound like good news, the pessimist in me starts to think about films where having Douglas (The Sentinel) Dennis Duaid (G.I. Joe) and McGreggor (Star Wars Prequels) didn’t really “save the day” as they just kind of walked through the scenery.

    But what am I talking about?? It’s Friday, yeah this sounds like a good cast!! Plus Fassbender is just awesome!! Bring it!!

  3. While I knew she was involved, the only thing that got me interested in the project was the name Steven Soderbergh. I was hoping Carano would do at lease a string of DTV actioners in the gusto of Cynthia Rothrock…(and I’d still kill for a DTV film with her and Rothrock!) but Steven Soderbergh ???

    That changes things. Throwing in the likes of Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid and Ewan McGregor changes more things.

    If she does a decent job, I would not mind seeing more of her.
    Next thing you know, Oceans 14 Wonder Woman.

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