Tom Cruise says Mission Impossible 4 is in the Works

Tom Cruise is well on his way to healing the reputation his crazy couch dancing lunacy earned him. And following suit with other celebrities bouncing back from obscurity, Tom suggests that he will be returning to a franchise that worked extremely well in the past. Mission Impossible.

ScreenRant shares:

Tom Cruise’s appearance on a popular Japanese television where he was asked about the Mission Impossible franchise. Cruise’s response was that he has started work on the fourth installment and they are planning the story for it.

He also mentioned that he was thinking about planning a big action sequence in Tokyo for the next film – What a coincidence because he was in Japan when he said it! I wonder if he made that up on the spot.

I have enjoyed the Mission Impossible movies, and they have a wealth of possibilities. Any superspy movie plot can be translated to a Mission Impossible storyline. They could scrounge through literally thousands of plots looking for a good one then just apply it to the franchise.

But as long as they have well thought out action sequences (no more motorcycle fights and instant romances) with some clever tech and disguises, it could be a fun film.

We will have to see if “planning a story for it” ever translates into a film.

  • MADMAX_007

    I like the 1st one and love the 3rd one. The 2nd one directed by John Woo blew big whale dick. It seemed he wanted to make it like a gay-ass James Bond movie with over-the-top campy action, with Cruise acting lone wolf in his missions. That’s not what Mission: Impossible’s about.

  • nbakid2000

    I must be in the minority, I only liked MI: 2 out of the 3 of them.

    I wouldn’t really care about a 4th though I’d most likely end up seeing it on DVD. Third one was pretty “blah” to me. Can’t remember much about the 1st one, so I may have re-watch it.

  • I agree about his ability to act he is too good in acting because he tries to live the moment when he act
    But talking about his personal life , people thinks he is crazy why?
    Because he love his wife, his chilled and he enjoys every moment in his life traveling playing every thing
    I think if people think he is crazy because of that
    than you who is the crazy

    • When I was married everyone said they never saw a happier looking man. I was beaming with joy the whole day.

      Funny that I didn’t have to jump up and down on a couch or grab someone’s hands and invade their personal space the whole time acting like a loon. Cruise has proven more than once to be over the top uncomfortably inappropriate in public, and in public service messages about his beliefs.

      Google Cruise, Scientology, and “doesn’t want you to see” and you will get a good idea on just how crazy the guy is.

      But he is a wonderful actor. I love him on screen, just not a big fan of him OFF screen. Though he is bridging that gap.

  • I love this Mission.