Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer

I’m so angry right now I could kick a puppy (and I love puppies). Why am I so mad? Because I just watched the trailer (it’s been out for a little while now… but I’m so bitter against all things Star Wars right now I’ve avoided watching it) for the new Star Wars game: “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Am I mad because it sucked? No… I’m mad because it’s so freaking amazing!!!!

So why does that make me mad? Because if they put one ounce of thought into the actual prequel movie that they put into this little meaningless trailer my beloved Star Wars franchise would still be awesome (as it is, only the first three movies exist in my mind… the rest of the Star Wars Universe is dead to me now). Seriously… watch this video if you haven’t already:

  • I’m so ready to do some PVP in this game. Bounty Hunter here we come.

  • Sateda

    I like it, why? because its a new generation George is getting old and doing things in computer is cheap you have to pay actors and all that stuff to do the stunts and all that I know you might think this is Bull but whats it going to be like in 40 more years from now?