Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer

I’m so angry right now I could kick a puppy (and I love puppies). Why am I so mad? Because I just watched the trailer (it’s been out for a little while now… but I’m so bitter against all things Star Wars right now I’ve avoided watching it) for the new Star Wars game: “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Am I mad because it sucked? No… I’m mad because it’s so freaking amazing!!!!

So why does that make me mad? Because if they put one ounce of thought into the actual prequel movie that they put into this little meaningless trailer my beloved Star Wars franchise would still be awesome (as it is, only the first three movies exist in my mind… the rest of the Star Wars Universe is dead to me now). Seriously… watch this video if you haven’t already:

  • Garrett Sears

    why would new attachments to a franchise make you hate it? that’s like saying you hate a hockey team because they’re losing now.
    if you hate the Star Wars franchise because the newer movies were bad, that’s your fault not theirs. only you (not you personally, you in general) can allow newer things to affect older things. the original trilogy is still great. the video game stories are good and so is the toyline.

    on that note, this game will most likely suck, like most Star Wars games. this is just a cool trailer. the gameplay probably sucks big time.

  • roney

    In my opinion, the knights of the old republic games are the best of the star wars game saga, i’ve beat the first 2 and i effin loved them. I hope this game won’t be as horrible “The Force Unleashed” was. My favorite aspect of these games is that you can choose your own path and make your own decisions. I just hope they let us do that in this game, and not jew us like they did in “The Force Unleashed”.
    Peace out, and reply to my message. ONE LOVE!

  • ThePeter

    Very impressive for a video game. Too bad the game won’t play like that.

  • vegetamon

    Holy Shit!!!! This is awesome!!!!!
    Excuse me while I wathc this for the sixth fuckin time!!!

  • J ONE

    I agree with the thought of the Prequels should have started during the Clone Wars with Anakin and Obi alreay being friends. Anakin being this great warrior/pilot, a Han Solo type. To Obi being the by the book guy. Kind of like a buddy cop Dynamic between the two. They still could have had some mystery of where Anakin came from and who were his parents. Liam Neeson should have been a Sith Lord(Count Dooko). And maybe fit Darth Maul in there still somehow just because he was so badass and I thought it was horrible how they killed him off after the first movie and he is replaced by an old man(a fanboy acting legend) but an old man. Darth Maul could have rivaled Darth Vader in popularity if they maintained him for three movies.

  • Alex

    @ John: WOW! as a VFX enthusiast i must say i loved the animation and i loved the models. I wish we would see a movie made that way! I didnt even watch clone wars cuz the look is so fuckin shitty! it looks to much like a cartoon i know it was intended to look that way but for me it sucked! This looks much better :D and the slomos wow! I’m totally with you John!!! But i still dont know your thoughts on Terminator: Salvation :( did you say anything about it anywhere? I guess i missed it :( I think the story was a lil weak and the dialogues too but it was supposed to be an action blockbuster and from that point of view it was really really entertaining i think from me: 7,5 / 10
    I liked the Sets, the VFX, the editing, the camara, the cast, and the T-800 Model 101 Cameo was so cool :D

  • Paganini

    Someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?

    I played KOTOR and KOTOR2 and don’t know much about this game. That trailer was FUCKING AWESOME! THat’s the coolest lightsaber action I’ve ever seen….Yes, it’s better than the prequel fights.

    So how does an online game like this work? I gotta find out more….I’m going to end up watching that trailer 100X. I about creamed my pants. Why didn’t Lucas make a movie like that? It’s all CG, but fuck I’d watch it.

    • Paganini

      One more thing…ARe we going to see the characters and story from the 1st two KOTOR’s? Revan and the twist with his story in the 1st game still has me smiling…I loved that game…

    • Kaneda979

      Q:How does Star Wars: The Old Republic relate to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

      A:Star Wars: The Old Republic takes place approximately three hundred years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). At the conclusion of the Jedi Civil War in KOTOR, Revan disappeared into unknown space in search of a great threat to the Republic, an expanding Sith Empire led by a mysterious Emperor who planned vengeance for his ancient Jedi enemies. Revan never returned from unknown space, but the Sith Empire did, kicking off a war with the Republic that lasted for decades. Now, despite the uneasy truce created by the Treaty of Coruscant, the tension among the divided star systems is threatening to once again tear the galaxy apart.

  • Geno

    I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, and yeah the prequels and the cgi movie did dissapoint me. But I love the KOTOR they were awesome so I can’t wait for this game. I will give up WOW for this game in a heartbeat! I think the next movies should be based on the Old Republic era or even a series would be great.

  • Kevin C

    Yeah, that pretty much should have been Darth Vader in the prquels. He should have become Vader at the end of episode one and he could have evolved over the next two films into the Vader of the original trilogy. Sigh. What could have been. There was more drama, excitment and better dialogue in that 3 minute video game trailer than in the entire prequel trilogy.

  • wow, i’m not even a star wars fan but that trailer is fucking badass.

    • Kaneda979

      Exactly. If a new movie was made that was in the style of this kick ass trailer, it would even bring in new fans.