Ryan Reynolds As The Green Lantern Picture

This is absolutely confirmed fake. But it’s done so well I just had to share it with you guys.

As most of you know by now, Ryan Reynolds has scored the lead role in the upcoming comic book movie “The Green Lantern”. He wasn’t my first choice, but he’s certainly a choice I like. Anyway, the guys over at /film had a reader send in this great fan made picture of Reynolds as the emerald avenger and they did a fantastic job with it.

So how do you think Reynolds looks in green?


  • Man, that’s one retarded looking costume. Why such a departure from the comic book version? I understand spandex doesn’t work on the big screen, but the graphic design doesn’t need to be that radically changed.


    I just seriously don’t dig Reynolds in this role. He’s too comedic for it.

  • UK

    The character is GREEN LANTERN. Not THE GREEN LANTERN. Just like it’s not THE SUPERMAN, THE SPIDER-MAN, OR THE INCREDIBLE HULK… wait, scratch that last one. It’s still GREEN LANTERN, though.

    • SlashBeast


  • If they stay true to the source material (that would mean Geoff Johns’ current run in the comics)and that the filmmakers (Martin Campbell/WB Pictures/DC Comics also)and the actors involved (Ryan Reynolds/hopefully Hugo Weaving gets cast as Sinestro) take this whole thing seriously plus phenomenal CGI effects from ILM/Digital Domain , then Green Lantern will THE NEXT HUGE COMIC BOOK FRANCHISE…in the vein of maybe Lord of the Rings.
    There is so much potential with this character and its supporting characters (the GL Corps), not to mention the villains .

  • Baby-girl


  • Ken

    looks great. much better than i thought itd look. cant wait to see the real thing, i hope they fix some of this up a little tho

  • Darek-T

    I think the mask looks ridiculous

    • ret.ro.bot

      agreed. and his forehead is gigantic!

    • AARON

      The mask looks cool IMO