Peter Berg to Sink your Battleship

Because nothing says “riveting plotline” like the overtones of the classic grid guessing board game Battleship, Hollywood couldn’t resist making it a movie.

Now we get confirmation that Peter Berg has signed on to direct. Cinema Blend shares:

Hancock director Peter Berg has officially signed on to direct it, and the release date of July 1, 2011 has been marked off for some naval explosions. Berg told Variety that the plan was to make “a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle.”

This is just shameless promotional tie in material. There is no way that this has to be a Battleship movie. Its not like they made the deal to avoid Hasbro’s Milton Bradley Games from suing their asses for stealing the idea.

This just gives them a marketing angle. Instead of just having a naval battle action flick, now its BATTLESHIP THE MOVIE!

I would have preferred they just set out to make a good action film instead of desperately grasping for a reason for you to be interested in it.

  • tzaylor

    Hard to predict whether or not this movie will be good based on a title. They could go anywhere.

    Looking at the director, I hated Hancock. It had good elements but the flaws sunk that battleship.

    But I loved Friday Night Lights, the movie and the series. And I liked the Rundown.

    Curious about where they take this…..but I would much rather see a proper Dune adaptation than a battleship adaptation.

  • Josh

    Terrible idea. Are they going to guess the enemy’s location by process of elimination? They could have easily made a movie based on the games Axis and Allies or Conquest of the Empire and it wouldn’t have seemed so forced. I however, am holding out for The Scrabble Chronicles or Ants in the Pants the Motion Picture.

    • Ty

      We could be following a team of battleships that both had their radars shut off…

      Isolated in the middle of the ocean, one team must get back to port. But they’re being tracked by a rogue battleship armada, and so they must try to get back safely while using their remaining missiles to ward off enemy attacks. But they have no idea where those ships are.

      Something like that?

  • Tim

    There is one positive spin to this news: It makes it less likely that Berg will direct “Dune.” I think he is wrong for that movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he left the project or was replaced in the next year. At least, that is what I hope.

    Who knows, maybe Neil Blomkamp would be a good fit for “Dune?”

    • David Lopan

      For some reason, I find Guillermo Del Toro or Alfonso Cuaron to be good fits for re imagining Dune.