One-Eyed Monster Trailer Online

I have always found monster/slasher/killer movies to be scarier when you don’t see the killer. Obscured figures, suggestive shadows and noises build the suspense. These are the hallmarks of true horror. If only they could find such a creature that could strike terror into the hearts of some campers in a secluded camper.

Well Pornographic Star Legend Ron Jeremy has always had… a presence. But in his first film he is to star in that wasn’t a porno, it still ends up being all about his dick. Justin tipped me off to this gem:

Dear God in Heaven.

This could possibly be the BEST horror comedy film of all time. This will find its way on to my DVD shelf.

Far out of the reach of minors.

  • perea

    looks better than that zombie striper piece of crap.

  • Ramsey

    Why haven’t we been tracking the progress of this movie since day 1?

  • Alex

    Just a point of order here, this is not Jeremy’s first non-porno film, as he has been making mainstream films for at least the last 25 years, including the non-porn comedy film Being Ron Jeremy which came out about 5 years ago.

  • ron is so grosss. we were in the same flight last month. he sat two seats in front of me. i took pictures of his nasty hair. haha. this movie looks so hilarious.