• vargas

    Can’t wait to see it. I like the whole Burton/Depp collaborations thing.

  • Aaron

    No more Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaborations! If Tim Burton feels the need to make Johnny Depp THE star of all his movies, then he needs to make movies about books in which the main character is NOT female.

  • Meli

    Yeah, really nothing new, but I’m okay with that…I want this movie to be a surprise! I can’t wait for this.

  • That trailer is just the teaser restructured, I didn’t see one new thing over the other one.

  • townes

    hmm alice is WAY to old^^

  • me

    sounds like this movie is going to be more focused on the mad hatter himself then alice. I hate that, and i’m also getting tired of the burton depp movies.

  • chris…the real one

    i keep thinkin that cat is gonna kill me if i close my eyes…but great trailer…cant wait for this one

  • I’m excited to see Burton’s take on Wonderland. This trailer just boosts the excitement

  • bobsyeruncle

    I like how this film is set in a place like no place on “Euth”!

  • ehhhh…I’d say rental. I’m offically tired of the trifecta of Carter, Burton and Depp movies.