If Star Wars had Facebook

Its a good thing that Star Wars was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It explains why they are not taking advantage of earth’s technological advances.

Like for instance, if Star Wars had Facebook, statuses might have looked like this:

This was made of awesome, and came from here.

  • Selen

    It is totally awesome but I wish there was something about han shooting first.

  • Simply amazing! I haven’t laughed so hard at a Star Wars site in a log time.

  • Awesome, I really hope someone comes up with more of these. LOL @C3PO

  • Michele

    Hilarious!! … so sad there was only a few. More! More!

  • Veevacious

    Very very very smart, very very very funny!

  • Sun Tzup

    (off to post this link on my facebook now re: earlier posts ROFL)

  • Sun Tzup

    Ok this is the funniest thing I have seen since “Chad vader” check it out on youtube Darth vaders younger brother works in a supermarket… you do the math.

    And “Legend of neil” about a dude who ends up in zelda video game. Fricken classic. Its just getting better and better out here with good humor.

    Thanks for posting this it made my morning!

  • yoda

    Funny this thing it is.

  • cameo

    that was awesome!!!!

    • MADEJE

      great stuff, laugh outloud, thanxs!

  • DarthSiGi

    Ok, this was really funny. More, please! Especially the death choke. That was way hilarious!