Hot Jedi Women in Lingerie

In what looks like a response to the Star Trek colognes that actually exist out there, and a spoof mix of an Axe Commercial and a Star Wars fan film, we get every Sci-fi nerd’s fantasy.

Two women having a lightsaber fight over your affections in a lightsaber fight which involves them cutting off their already sexy outfits. I just had to share.


  • Wilco

    Red or Blue??

    Red for me

  • cltmikey

    these arent the girls youre looking for…wish that worked

  • Iknewthiswouldhappen

    hi lar i ous

  • Dragonslayer

    God, I love this blog for putting up things like this.

  • The guy sitting at the bar totally makes this

    • Camera phone moment was awesome.

    • Matt K

      totally agree w/ john on this

    • taht was great i was laughing two women laser fighting it was aswome

    • Jack

      thats what i was thinking too

    • James

      How do I know my wife loves and understands me?

      She sends me stuff like this.

      Happy Easter to you all @ Movie Blog!!

      ~James House
      Evansville, IN